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A Guide to Clipper Combs for Dog Grooming

Have you ever though to yourself, ‘my animal clippers cut too short? How do I make them cut longer?’.

The answer is… Attachment Combs. Your clipper kit will usually come with a number of attachment combs, but you can also purchase these separately. Placing these on the blade will enable you to cut to a range of different lengths.

Snap on combs, sometimes referred as dog clipper guard, are considered a safer approach to controlling the length when clipping your pet’s fur. Snap-on combs are attached to the clipper’s blade, so they “soften” the cutting edge with their rounded ends. Even if your hand slips or you haven’t mastered your technique, clipper guards protect your dog from being poked by the blade and getting hurt. Baring this in mind, attachment guards are ultimately a beginner-friendly starting point to pet and animal grooming.

Using a comb attachment is the best way to give your pup an even and equal cut all over their body. If you want the length of the coat to be 25mm or less, then you only snap on a comb and work your way around the body. It’s no surprise that naked blades cut quite close to the skin which might be too much for some breeds. If you do need to clip your pet’s hair shorter, you will need to use a blade alone. If you want to go for a longer length, you will need to use dog grooming scissors.

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How to choose the right comb attachments

The prime thing to look for when purchasing clipper guards is a sturdy and strong structure. If the combs are prone to bending when challenged with thick and dense fur, then the results will be a jagged and uneven cut.

This not only takes up your time, but your pet will have very little patience for this process and so, you need to ensure that your clipping tools work quickly and efficiently.

Wahl Stainless Steel Coloured Attachment Combs and Competition Comb Set are made of strong and durable stainless-steel prongs that pass easily through the coat. The coloured combs make it easy to select the length you need making our guide combs convenient and easy to install ensuring your trimming and cutting process more effortless.

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How to take care of your clipper combs

Like any tool, the better you take care of your clipper combs the better they will perform and the longer they will last. Here is how you can get the most out of them:

Keep them clean
Keeping your attachment combs clean is not only important for hygiene reasons, but for performance and longevity too. Storing them away with hair on can corrode the teeth (if they are metal) and the clip / hinge where the combs clip onto the blade.

To keep the combs clean, simply wash them in an antibacterial soap in water. Follow this up using Hygienic Clipper Spray to keep your blades, combs and clippers lubricated, clean and free from bacteria, virus and fungus.

Oil the hinge if necessary
After being used for some time, the hinge can start to get very tight. This is good so it doesn’t slip off, but it makes it hard to change them. Give them a drop or two of clipper oil to keep the hinge working properly.

Clipper Combs for Grooming Dogs Animal Grooming

How to attach dog clipper guards:

1. Align the blade and the attachment comb.

2. Fix the comb to the clipper by hooking the comb at the base of the blade.

3. Push the comb up with your finger until it snaps over the teeth of the blade.

4. The comb attachment should be centred on the blade and all the teeth of the blade should be covered by the comb.

How to dog clipper guards

Comb Cutting Lengths:


No. 1 – 3 mm, No. 2 – 6 mm, No. 3 – 9 mm, No. 4 – 13 mm, No. 5 – 16 mm, No. 6 – 19 mm, No. 7 – 22 mm, No. 8 – 25 mm.