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All in One Blade: 3 Reasons Why You Need It in Your Kit

In addition to purchasing clippers, you need to consider what blades to purchase as well. The quality and sharpness of the blade is important to achieving a great haircut. Wahl blades are made from high carbon steel ensuring they stay sharper for longer and are precision ground for the best cutting performance.

The Wahl All in One Clipper Blade is a revolutionary clipper blade that you need in your kit. Here are three reasons why:

1. Multi-position Cutting from One Blade

The Wahl All in One features 3 settings for different styling capabilities.

  • Position 1: Soft Razor for texturizing and flick and smack
  • Position 2: Optimum Razor for peel cuts and slice cuts
  • Position 3: Ultra Razor for soft, layer, twist and point cuts
Clipper Blade

2. Create Various Styles

This revolutionary clipper blade is very versatile and enables you to achieve various styles without the need to switch the blade. It is ideal for:

  • Creating fringe effects in long hair
  • Working hair extensions into extremely thick hair
  • Developing volume layering
  • Slicing and peeling long hairstyles for a fresh and healthy look
  • Cutting hair extensions
  • Developing and structuring short hair
Wahl All In One Blade

3. Easy Clean

The blade is removable and snaps on and off for thorough cleaning. You can maintain the product’s performance and get a fresh cut every time you use it.

Simply detach and use cleaning brush to remove as much hair from the blades as possible, then rinse the blade under a tap. For a more thorough clean, use an anti-bacterial clipper spray to clear any remaining hair away and prevent cross-contamination.

Rinseable Clipper Blade

Remember, caring for your blades is essential in maintaining their longevity and cutting performance. Wahl blades are self-sharpening, but to ensure you get a fresh cut every time, a small bit of maintenance is required. Oiling the blades before the first use, then brushing excess hair off the blades and oiling after every use will keep them lubricated which is essential to preventing rust and extending the life of the clipper.

Please note that the All in One Blade is compatible with Li Pro (WM8884), Academy Motion (WM8885), Chromstyle (WM8871), Beretto (8843), Bellina (WM8870), Genio Pro (WM88740) and Chrom2Style (WM8877).