Buying a beard trimmer as a gift can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with what you’re looking for. Here’s a quick guide on some easy ways to determine what beard trimmer would make the best gift.


First thing’s first, look for signs of a good quality trimmer. This starts with the blade – this is the most important thing to ensure a quality cut.

Wahl blades are precision ground rather than stamped, which offers the best cutting performance. What you’re looking for here is the teeth on the blade, generally the finer the teeth, the finer the quality. Our blades are designed for performance and durability, the Wahl Aqua Blade even comes with a lifetime blade guarantee.

You then need to look at the shape and texture of the trimmer itself, does it look comfortable to hold? We design trimmers with features such as a soft touch grip, to ensure the most comfortable trimming experience.

Beard length

Depending on the preferred length of facial hair, you’ll need to consider the cutting lengths the trimmer provides.

For a longer beard, you’ll be looking for a trimmer that comes with longer attachment combs. A good indication of this is the number of combs it comes with, usually the more combs means longer cutting lengths.

Another important thing to note, the actual blade on the trimmer can vary in cutting length. For example, the Aqua Blade will cut as close as 0.2mm which is so close you can shave with it. This is 60% closer than our standard trimmer blades.

This might sound like a lot to consider, but we’ve made it easy for you. You’ll be able to find all this information on the specification section of each product page.


Is this just for trimming facial hair, or does it need to adapt to be used on other areas such as eyebrows, nose and chest? Some trimmers come with various attachment heads, making them one tool for every job. You can view our range of multigroomers here.

You might also want to consider the width of the blade. A wider blade can offer more versatility when it comes to creating lines and edges.

Wet or dry?

Depending on preference, you might want to get a trimmer that can be used for wet or dry shaving. You also have the option to buy one that does both, like the Aqua Blade.

Some trimmers will come with washable blades, which can be easily removed and rinsed under the tap for quick cleaning. In addition to this, some trimmers will be fully washable so that the whole unit can be rinsed off with ease.

Battery Life

How long does the trimmer battery life need to last for? On average, 180 minutes run time will provide around 2 months use before needing to be charged.

If they like to take their time grooming, look out for Lithium Ion batteries as this will usually have a faster charge time and longer run time. Trimmers can also come with a quick charge feature, that will give an extra boost of usage if it does run out mid-trim.


It’s always worth considering your budget when it comes to buying a trimmer, with the Wahl range you’ll always be able to find one that meets it.

If you follow these guidelines, you won’t go far wrong. Or you can save yourself the trouble of searching and buy the Aqua Blade!