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Best Tools For Pet Shedding

Pet shedding coat

Whether your pet sheds all year round or goes through a shedding season, you’ll know it can be nearly impossible to keep on top of the hair that comes out. Daily brushing will help by removing loose hair, so hopefully you’ll avoid finding fur balls around the house! What’s even better, some of our tools even double up to remove hair from clothes and furniture! Big, small, long hair or short hair, here are our best tools for pet shedding:

Thick hair and double coats

Double Row Rake & Shedding Blade

This 2-sided tool is specifically designed to cater for pets with double coats. The rake side gently and effectively removes the hair from the undercoat, while the shedding blade does the same on the topcoat. By removing loose hair from the undercoat, not only will it prevent hair building up, but it will also help to avoid matting. It also has a squishy gel handle that makes it comfortable for you to grip.

Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade

Wahl Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade

Short and smooth hair, hair removal from textiles

Rubber Sheddy Brush

Our most versatile de-shedding tool! The 5-in-1 Sheddy Brush is perfect for short and smooth coats as the rubber teeth gently gather the loose hair – whilst also giving them a lovely massage! The hair clings to the rubber teeth, which makes it ideal for gathering hair from clothes and textiles around the house. You can also use it on wet or shampooed fur to remove hair whilst washing your pet.

5 in 1 Sheddy Rubber Brush

Wahl pet sheddy brush

Large pets and long or curly hair

Large Slicker Brush

The Large Slicker Brush works best on long and thick coats as it has long, firm stainless-steel pins that reach deep into the coat to gently remove loose hair. This makes it great for dealing with any knots or tangles that have formed.  You can groom your pet in comfort with the non-slip ergonomic gel handle that makes handling the brush easy.

Large Slicker Brush

Large Slicker Brush

Small pets and long hair or curly hair

Small Slicker Brush

The Small Slicker Brush is ideal for your small and fluffy pets such as cats and rabbits. The firm stainless-steel pins remove tangles and loose hair gently from the coat. The soft gel handle makes it easy and comfortable to you to control whilst brushing.

Small Slicker Brush

Dog being brushed

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