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Can Women Use Multigroomers for Men?

Can women use multigroomers for men?

Believe it or not, women can use male-marketed hair removal tools too! The simple fact is that multigroomers are designed for total body grooming. Male or female, Wahl body trimmers are built for managing body hair. With a great range to choose from, our total body grooming tools are great for any use case – that includes feminine grooming!

Trimming and Shaving Leg and Arm Hair

Our shaver heads are designed for ultra-close shaving. Opting for a multigroomer that comes with a foil shaver head will enable to achieve close shaving of the arms and legs. Foil Shaver Heads capture the hair with its holes, cutting it close to the skin. Our shaver heads are safe enough that you can push for a close shave without having to worry about it nicking your skin. They are good enough to keep your legs and arms smooth, and since you aren’t using a traditional razor, the damage to your skin is alleviated. Ultimately, a dual foil shaver head can be used for a total body but is particularly useful for close and comfortable shaving of the legs and arms!

Shaver Head

Shaping Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows can be a daunting task. If you’re in a hurry or on the go and don’t have time for plucking or waxing, using a small detailer head for shaping your brows can be a quick-fix solution. Eyebrow growth sometimes has a mind of its own, but this small intricate trimmer head is ideal for picking up any rogue hairs around the forehead quickly and accurately.

In addition to a detailer head, a rotary head is also ideal for removing unwanted stray hairs from your nose and brows! The small circular trimmer head is ideal for trimming in small, hard to reach areas. In other words, it is a must have to trim any stray hairs safely, precisely and painlessly!

Detailer Head

Tidying Bikini Lines

A trimmer head is the ideal attachment for tidying bikini lines. This sensitive area at the top of the legs is easily irritated, so it’s not wise to use the same razor here that you use to shave your legs!

For hygiene reasons it is best to get a multigrooming tool that has rinseable attachment heads. Rinseable trimmer heads are convenient for trimming in a hurry as you don’t need to stop and dry off after the shower before shaving. They can be cleaned under running water, ensuring hygienic use every time!

T Blade Head