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Corded or Cordless Clippers?

Whether one is an apprentice barber or an established hairdresser, one of the first decision one has to take when purchasing a new set of clippers is to choose a corded or cordless one. Both have their pros and cons and one’s choice will invariably depends on the way one will use their tool.
This post highlights, at a quick glance, which areas each type of hair clipper shines in.


The key advantage of corded hair clippers is that they are generally lower in cost than those that are cordless. They offer continuous flow of power and ensure that the clipper maintains full power whilst you carry out a full clip. This means you will have no time restraints when with a client. Since you don’t have a battery that’s losing its ability to charge over time, you get a solid flow of power that is both consistent and reliable.

Disadvantages include being restricted by the length of the lead. You must be careful not to cause damage to your power cord as damage will cause the clipper to stop and start, or potentially stop working until the lead is replaced. It is advised to avoid twisting and putting strain on the cord to enhance longevity. Always allow the cord to hang naturally and avoid coiling for the sake of tidy storage.



Manoeuvrability is where cordless hair clippers really shine and if you have a reliable clipper, such as a Wahl clipper, the power considerations can be much less of a concern. Cordless clippers enable you to you to have ultimate freedom of movement as you will not be constrained by a cord. When cutting hair at different angles, the extra manoeuvrability can be extremely useful in ensuring accuracy and detail. Cordless hair clippers are also great for short travels as there is no need to bring the charger.

A restraint to consider when purchasing a cordless clipper is time. Like any rechargeable product, battery power gradually reduces and eventually, runs out. In relation to speed and power, cordless clippers can still be very powerful, but you may experience the power decreasing as the battery reaches the end of its charge. Batteries can lose their power over time, but they can be replaced once they stop holding their charge.


Whether you decide on corded or cordless will very much depend on your needs. There is no universal best choice.

Generally, professional barbers will have a mix of both corded and cordless clippers and use what is most appropriate to their clients needs. If, however, you are not a professional, it is advised to choose the best one based on your needs.

Remember, to get the most out of your investment clean your clippers after every use with the brush provided and finish off by oiling the blades. Not only will oiling keep your blades running cooler, but they’ll also stay sharper for longer and the clippers will run smoother and quieter.