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Female Hair Removal Methods

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Body hair can be removed in several ways but finding the best female hair removal method(s) for your specific needs can be a challenge! You can select one tool that will remove all over body hair or use multiple tools that are specifically designed for a particular body part.

Discover Wahl’s different tools and techniques for the best Female Hair Removal from the surface with ease.

Face and Body Hair Remover

The Wahl Face and Body Hair Remover is a 3-in-1 trimmer designed for easy and painless body hair removal.

Equipped with three head attachments engineered for different areas, this rechargeable groomer can be used cordless for up to an hour. This gives you plenty of time to remove / tidy your body of hair.

Simply take care of larger areas, such as bikini and underarms with the trimmer attachment. Providing gentle yet close shaving, the rotary attachment leaves your skin soft and smooth without irritation. The eyebrow attachment is designed for shaping and defining eyebrows, as well as quick touch-ups. Use with the eyebrow comb to ensure even trimming!

Wahl Face & Body Hair Remover

Personal Trimmer for Women

The Wahl Personal Trimmer for Women is both safe and hygienic for female hair removal.

This battery powered personal trimmer can be rinsed under running water for thorough and easy cleaning to keep it hygienic. It is perfect for trimming bikini areas as well as other body parts.

Use the trimmer without the comb attachments for a close finish. Moreover, select the relevant comb attachment for your desired length for tidying and trimming. The 5-position adjustable comb attachment plus 3 close trim attachments provide you with various cutting lengths.

This lightweight and pocket-sized trimmer is perfect for easy storage and for travel. The ideal hair removal tool for your summer holidays!

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Facial Hair Remover

Achieve a painless shave with the Ladies Wahl Facial Hair Remover designed for facial shaving that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Thanks to its size, this portable, compact razor is travel friendly and discrete. Moreover, it has been designed to fit securely in your hand for ease and control. The soft touch finish offers ultimate comfort.

A single charge provides up to 60 minutes of shaving, giving you plenty of time to reach difficult areas.

Facial hair removal

Precision Eyebrow Shaper

Create the illusion of smooth, sleek eyebrows with the Wahl Precision Eyebrow Shaper. This ingenious tool was created to remove hair in delicate and sensitive areas. This allows you to achieve a precise and neat finished look.

The precision trimming blade is gentle on your skin leaving virtually no trace of hair removal, ideal for instant results.

Ideal for quick touch ups as well as precise shaping and trimming, the eyebrow comb attaches to ensure an even trimming length.

Wahl Precision Eyebrow Shaper - Female Hair Removal

Precision 4 in 1 Multi Groomer

Believe it or not, women can use male-marketed hair removal tools too!

The Wahl Precision Multi Groomer offers precision grooming with 4 interchangeable heads for trimming, shaving, detailing and removing unwanted hair.

  1. Simply use the trimmer head for tidying bikini lines;
  2. The dual foil shaver head can be used for a total body, close and comfortable shave;
  3. The detailer head for shaping your brows and finally;
  4. The rotary head for removing unwanted stray hairs from your nose and brows!

Every head is rinseable, making them easy to maintain as they snap on and off for thorough cleaning.

Equipped with Lithium Ion technology, this multi body groomer provides an impressive 180 minutes cordless run time, ideal for all over body hair removal!

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