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Hair Dryer Settings and How to Use Them

drying hair - Hair Dryer Settings Explained

Do you ever find yourself wondering – ‘which Hair Dryer Settings should I use on my hair?’.

This post explains each setting to help you understand how to achieve the most effective blow dry!

You should aim to use the lowest setting that is effective for your purpose. Start by using a higher speed and higher heat setting and keep the dryer moving when removing excess moisture from towel-dried hair. When your hair reaches about 75% dry, switch to a lower heat and speed setting to style your hair.

Speed Settings

  1. Low Speed – The low-speed setting offers you the most control in styling when blow drying your hair. This setting will also enable you to avoid fly-aways. This setting is recommended to those with fine, fragile hair or hair that’s weak from colour.


  1. Medium Speed – Best suited to medium to thick hair types, the medium speed should be used to get the hair to a ‘damp’ stage. The medium speed is ideal for curly hair to keep curls intact and reduce frizz.


  1. High Speed – Only use the high speed on resistant hair. Increasing the airstream over the temperature will reduce the damage made to your hair. However, the higher the airflow, the less control you have over the shape of the style. If a faster drying speed is what you are looking to achieve, it is best to purchase a high-wattage hairdryer.
heat settings - Hair Dryer

Heat Settings

  1. Low Heat – A low temperature allows you to control the texture better and stop it from going fluffy. Fine hair is more vulnerable to heat damage as the strands are delicate and naturally weaker. It is important to get the heat setting right.


  1. Medium Heat – Best suited to fine to medium hair, medium temperatures can ensure you don’t over-dry the hair and burn it. A medium heat enables more control when styling hair.


  1. High Heat – Thick hair can handle higher temperature; however, it is advised to use the high heat for as little time as possible. High heats suit thick hair because it holds moisture meaning there is less risk of drying the strands out. When wanting to achieve a straight and sleek style, the high heat can eradicate any kinks from the hair. Remember, always use a heat protectant spray.


  1. Cool Shot – Going through your hair with the cool shot smooths down the hair cuticle to create maximum shine and silkiness. The cool air seals the cuticle and sets the hair in place to help the style last longer.
cool shot - Hair Dryer Settings

No matter what settings you choose to use, it is always a good idea to use heat protectant to help prevent damage.

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