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Handheld Massagers & Their Health Benefits

Investing in regular massages with your local massage therapist can take a toll on your bank balance. Using Handheld Massagers not only relieves muscle ache from the convenience of your own home but also for less money!

Keep reading to learn about some of the health benefits you could gain by using one of Wahl’s Handheld Massagers.

Increases Blood Flow

The use of handheld massagers can advocate healthy blood flow and improve your body’s functions. When you increase your body’s blood flow it reacts in several positive ways.

Increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels circulating your body and allows your heart and muscles to function efficiently. With good circulation your body will fight off and avoid potential sicknesses! Ultimately, increased blood flow aids in lowering the body’s blood pressure.

Just like alternating hot and cold water in your shower can jump start your circulation, Wahl’s Hot and Cold Thermal Massager has the same effect! This massager consists of hot and cold attachments that penetrate deep into the muscle for relaxation and soothing relief.

Wahl Hot & Cold Thermal Handheld Massager

Improves Mobility

Handheld massagers help relax your muscles and get you through your day-to-day tasks. Whether you work in a physical job, a low-active job or workout regularly, your muscles need relief.

After a busy day on your feet a handheld massager can ease muscle tension. Alternatively, if you spend your workday at a computer, a massager can loosen muscles that contract from a seated position over long periods of time.

Simply improve your flexibility and mobility by using Wahl’s Flex Cordless Massager. It allows a full body massage with a flexible neck that adjusts to your body contours to target specific areas and reach deep into the muscle. The cordless capability makes it convenient to use at any time anywhere, with up to 120 minutes cordless run time.

Wahl Flex Cordless Handheld Massager

Reduces Stress

One of the greatest benefits of a massage is stress relief. When stress and anxiety occur, your body and its muscles become tense.

The use of a handheld massager can assist in easing the tension and provides an overall sense of stress relief. Ultimately, allowing you to focus on improving your overall well-being.

Wahl’s Deep Tissue Cordless Percussion Massager is designed to target stress and tension to ease muscle soreness and discomfort at home or in the gym. It is the ideal home-use massager with cordless capabilities to transport anywhere!

Wahl Deep Tissue Cordless Percussion Handheld Massager

Helps Improve Your Sleep

Ultimately, relieving muscle ache and reducing stress can result in a better night’s sleep.

The Wahl Compact Massager comes with specific attachments that target and reach everyday tensions, providing you comfort and relaxation. It is a convenient pocket sized, battery operated massager that can be used anywhere.

Wahl Compact Handheld Massager