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Handheld Massagers: Tips on How to Use

lady using a deep tissue massager on her shoulder

Tips When Using Handheld Massagers:

1. When operating a handheld portable massager, ensure you use a low intensity and avoid starting with the hardest massage mode available on the machine.

2. Start with circular motions on the lower back, being careful to avoid the spine. Using long strokes, work your way up the back towards the heart.

3. When massaging the upper back, start from the centre using short strokes (avoiding contact with your spine) to work your way outward towards the underarm.

4. Use the same technique when massaging your chest. Start from the sternum and use short strokes to work your way outward to the under arm.

5. DO NOT use the massager on your abdomen or below the rib cage.

Ball Attachments:

The ball attachment is the softest add on to your portable massager. Its great for beginners as it is the most non-evasive piece available. You can generally use it on any part of your body for a relaxing percussive massage. It feels great on the back of the neck and bottom of the foot.

Handheld Massagers: Ball

Flat Head Attachments:

A flat head attachment is the perfect piece to breakdown muscle tissue in compact areas such as the chest (pecs), quads and back. It is mostly suited to use on all large muscles and feels great on the highest of settings.

Handheld Massagers: Flat

Fork Attachments:

The fork attachment is designed for more specific areas of the body. This shape glides perfectly along your trapezius muscles, starting from the upper neck area to your shoulders. It could also be placed on your ankles for increased mobility. Lastly, the fork can be smoothed over your feet to promote circulation.

Handheld Massagers: Fork

Bullet Head Attachments:

This unique attachment is ideal for massaging trigger points in the body. You can use it to focus on tight spots and it works best when removing knots in the muscle. Its small size is perfect to reach difficult locations on your body such as between the toes and trigger points in your foot.

Handheld Massagers: Bullet