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HOW TO Crop Fade

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The Crop Fade

With Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member, Andrea Raymond

How To Create The Crop Fade:

The Crop Fade is the ultimate hairstyle for men. This neat and short haircut is low-maintenance and ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to spend much time styling their hair but still wants to look dapper. It is universally flattering and is great for gents with thin hair and receding hairlines.

Follow these steps and watch the video above.


  1. Sharpen up temple hair line boundary


Magic Clip Cordless

  1. Create mapping line with taper open
  2. Remove bulk with taper closed


Cordless Detailer Li

  1. Remove remaining bulk under mapping line



  1. Finish the fade



  1. #1 Comb with taper open
  2. Fade 1cm above mapping line
  3. #1 Comb with taper closed
  4. Work down through the fade
  5. #0.5 Comb with taper open
  6. #0.5 Comb with taper closed


What Is A Crop Fade?

A popular gents haircut over the last few years, the crop is identified by a textured short – medium cut on top with hair moving down towards the fringe. Commonly paired with a skin fade for a classic, modern look.