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HOW TO Cut Men’s Long Hair

Hair cut guide

Long Cut

How to cut men’s long hair with Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member, Carl Blake.

How To Create The Long Hair Cut:

Full steps for how to cut men’s long hair

1. Radial section from crown to hair line and then vertical square layers travelling half inch sections from crown to hair line using radial section as guide line including areas 2,3 and 4 in square layers

Carl uses the Motion Clipper with Diamond Blade

2. Vertical sections from left hand side hair line using a 45 degree angle using areas 4 down to 2 travelling in ½ inch sections all the way round (if your left hand start left side and vice versa)

3. T section from the top of head from the crown to behind the ears on both sides. T pointing in to the nape of the neck. Triangular section. Cut the base of the hair to desired length and then travel ½ inch sections up the head until you run out of hair

4. Bring the sides out ensuring head position is straight. Using previous guideline from the back cut in a straight line moving forward

5. Bring all the weight forwards over the face starting from the tip of the nose in a straight line across. With low elevation away from the bridge of the nose cut in a straight line across

6. Using the Genio Pro, tidy up side burns and loose hairs

7. Shape up hair lines with the Cordless Detailer LI

8. Blow dry on medium speed and heat with diffuser

9. Scrunch dry