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Fade haircut

Fading tutorial with Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member Sam Campagna.

How to create this fade with texture:

1. Use the Cordless Senior with #1.5 guard and closed taper to create the base line.

2. Switch to the Magic Clip Cordless with no guard & pick up your Fade Brush to zero the line.

3. Next, using the Legend with #1 guard and taper lever open, fade up to the transition, starting to fade out base line.

4. Repeat above with taper lever closed.

5. Back to the Magic Clip Cordless using the #0.5 guard, crunch out the line.

6. Remove the guard and open taper, crunch out the line.

7. With the Chrom2style and All in One Blade, add texture with flick and smack technique.

8. Next, peel the hair with the taper open.

9. Line up using the Cordless Detailer.

10. Blow dry.

11. Pick up the Cordless Senior with no guard for detail with removal of bulk.

12. Finish with a Shave Razor to shape up.