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How To Maintain Your Salon Style At Home

It’s been a long wait, but we can finally visit salons and hairdressers again! Nothing feels better than walking out with fresh hair, feeling fully revived from months of neglect. Now that your hair has received the TLC it needed, make sure you keep up with being kind to your hair when it comes to styling. Here’s some tips on how to maintain your salon style at home.


Using heat on your hair

First thing’s first, always apply heat protector before using heat on your hair. This is the best way to ensure your hair doesn’t get damaged in the process. When it comes to using heated tools, look out for the following features to ensure you take good care of your hair:

Ceramic coated plates and barrels will glide effortlessly through your hair, reducing the risk of snagging and damage. It also helps to distribute heat evenly whilst styling, so you shouldn’t need to go over the same piece of hair multiple times. Ceramic coating can be found in our Curling Tongs, Hot Brush and Styling Iron.

Ceramic Coated Plates

Hairdryers with Ionic function enable you to use a lower temperature when drying your hair. It cuts down drying time as well as reducing static and frizz for a silky, smooth result. If you’re looking for an Ionic hairdryer, you might like the Ionic Smooth Dryer or the Ionic Style Hairdryer. Styling tools can also have ionic function, such as our 3 in 1 Hot Air Styler.

Use less heat with Ionic Function

Tourmaline infused means that you can use the tool on a lower heat and still achieve great results. In addition, it keeps the moisture in the cuticles and gives the hair a sleeker, shinier finish. Our Pencil Straightener has tourmaline plates, while the many of our hairdryers such as the PowerPik 5000 have tourmaline infused grilles.

Keratin and Tourmaline Grill

An adjustable temperature can help to protect your hair from heat damage as you can use lower heat settings on finer textures. The Root Straightening Hot Comb, Styling Iron and Pencil Straightener all come with an adjustable temperature to ensure you can use the optimum heat for your hair texture. Our range of hairdryers also come with versatile heat options to suit your hairstyle.

Adjustable Temp

Find the right tools to maintain your salon style at home

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