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HOW TO: Mid Fade Pompadour

Step 1

Put in first guideline with the Wahl Cordless Detailer, following the natural curve of the head. Create a second guide line with the Wahl Cordless Senior grade 1 up to the temple peak, bringing it low at the back beneath the occipital bone.


Step 2

Use the 1.5 grade of the Wahl Cordless Senior and erase the top line by using a rubbing technique with the blade flush to the scalp.

someone having a hair cut

Step 3

Use the 0.5 grade of the Wahl Cordless Senior to erase the bottom line, opening and closing the
taper arm. Work on this line only all the way round.

someone having a haircut

Step 4

Use the taper arm of the Wahl Cordless Detailer to blend away between the 0 and 0.5, switching between open and close.

Step 5

Finish the edges of the haircut with the Wahl Finale using paintbrush motions, ensuring a smooth blend. If lines persist to show, try using the finale with the grain to get a softer finish over those hard to blend areas.

someone getting a hair cut

Step 6

Taper the sides and top of the haircut to desired shape with clipper over comb, then blow dry and style as required.