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How To Trim Your Beard Like a Pro

Master the art of lining up, shaping and tapering your beard with professional tips that will show you how to trim your beard like a pro.

How to Line Up Your Beard

Create a perfect beard line by following the line of your beard from the ear to the nose, punch the line in by edging down to the beard.

Try to keep a natural line and don’t take your beard line too far down your cheek.

How to line-up your beard

How to Blend Your Beard to Your Sideburns

Place a comb at the top of your sideburn, then pull the bottom of the comb outwards to your desired length.

Run the trimmer down the comb, cutting the longer hair.

Continue down the side of the beard, angling the bottom of the comb further away from your face to create a nice blend between the longest and shortest part of your beard.

How to blend your beard to your sideburns

How to Tidy Stray Beard Hairs

Create a steady support by placing your spare hand below the area that you want to trim. Free-hand with the shape of your beard, using long and confident strokes to remove any stray hairs.

When shaping the bottom of your beard, use the front of the beard as a reference point. Hold the trimmer high up for more control, and trim towards your neck in a pivot motion that follows the natural shape of your jawline.

How to trim stray beard hairs

How to Shape Up Your Moustache

Tidy around the edges of your moustache with the trimmer to create a straight line across the top of the lip, using gentle but confident strokes.

Use the corner of the blade to tidy the edge of the lips and detail below the bottom lip for a neat finish.

How to shape your moustache

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