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How to Use an Electric Hand Mixer

Baking with a Hand Mixer

With the Great British Bake off on in full swing, what better time to learn how to use a handheld mixer? Hand mixers are highly versatile and impressive tools that are perfect for making a range of different foods with ease.

The right-hand mixer will help you to prepare all kinds of foods, from bread and pizza dough to batter for cake, and so much more. You can even use a hand mixer for whipping cream. In our (biased) opinion, the best hand mixer to buy in 2021 is our James Martin by Wahl Hand Mixer, perfect for the modern baker.

The Advantages of Using an Electric Handheld Mixer

Before we get into the details of How to Use a Hand Mixer, here are some advantages as to why you need one in you baking appliance cupboard.

  • Hand mixers are very affordable and provide most of the functionality that a stand mixer does.
  • They take up minimal space and can be transported with ease anywhere.
  • Unlike a stand mixer, you can use any kind of mixing bowl.
  • They are ideal for quick mixing like beating eggs, whipping cream and more.
Hand Mixer

The Attachments

While hand mixers are most used in baking, there are also many other uses for them. This kitchen appliance removes the hassle of mixing ingredients using a spoon or a spatula and since it is electric, all you need to do is hold it still while it does the mixing for you! Using the right attachment with the right ingredient will give you the best result. Here are some uses of the James Martin Mixer below:

The Beaters mix ingredients without whipping too much air into them. It can be used to “cream” butter and sugar, making the texture light and fluffy. This is the first step when creating most baked goods!

The Balloon Whisk also beats, but it whips more air into the ingredient it is mixing. Ideal for egg whites when making meringue or to whip a bowl of heavy cream to make whipped cream.

When you’re working with heavier doughs such as bread, pizza, or pasta, the Dough Hooks are the best option (the first step for most yeasted bread recipes). Although kneading can be done by hand, using the dough hooks makes the process much easier and quicker.

whisk attachments

The Speed Settings

The James Martin by Wahl Electric Hand Mixer has 5 speeds plus turbo that makes light work of all folding mixing and whisking for all your favourite recipes.

  • Use speed 1-2 for chunky ingredients;
  • Speed 3-4 for mashed potatoes, butter;
  • Speed 5 for mix egg or heavy cream to make a cake.
Hand Mixer

Changing the Attachments

For safety purposes, it’s also a good idea to find out how to remove and attach the accessories carefully.

You can remove beaters from your hand held mixer with ease. The handy eject button makes removing or swapping your attachments not just easy, but safe. Simply click the eject button with one hand to release with minimal fuss and place another attachment by clicking into place.

Removing Hand Mixer Attachments

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