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Lister Blades for Summer Horse Clipping

Clipping horses doesn’t just have to be kept for the winter months.

Commonly seen in the show jumping ring, clipping through the summer months is becoming increasingly popular.

There is a myth that clipping during the summer months can wreck a horse’s coat, but with proper care, this shouldn’t be an issue! In fact, many horses actually benefit from being clipped all year round!

There are many reasons why grooms choose to clip throughout the summer season; appearance, welfare, and medical issues are the most common.

Covercote Blade

Lister’s most popular summer clipping blade is our Covercote blade.

It is a popular choice for horse transitioning between seasons as it cuts off excess length but still maintains the appearance of a smart coat.

Leaving 5mm of hair on the coat, this blade is designed for removing the thickness that horses such as cobs can experience.

The Covercote design is also perfect for horses with Cushings disease, removing the thick undercoat and making it more manageable all year round.



– 75mm wide
– 24 teeth
– Leaves 5mm of hair
– Pack includes one set of blades


A2F/AC Fine Blade

A2F/AC Fine blades are our most common clipping blades, with every clipper leaving our factory having a set fitted.

A firm favourite amongst those showing their animals in the summer months, this close cutting horse clipper blade will accentuate features and provide a smart finish.

Leaving 1.4mm on hair, this blade produces a smart, clean finish, ideal for horses in heavy work.



– 75mm widec
– 35 teeth
– Leaves 1.4mm of hair
– Pack includes one set of blades

A2/AC Medium Blade

Another blade option for clipping in the summer is our A2/AC Medium blade.

This horse clipper blade is ideal for general grooming, leaving more hair on the animal than a fine blade.

Recommended for grey horses and horses with pink skin that are prone to burn when out in the sun.

This blade leaves 2.5mm of hair, producing slightly more coverage across the coat while still giving a glossy, sheen finish.



– 75mm wide
– 35 teeth
– Leaves 2.5mm of hair
– Pack includes one set of blades

All Lister Blades carry the same features and benefits:


– Ribbed Back
– Self Cleaning
– High Quality Material for enhanced durability, greater impact resistance and superior hardness.
– Consistent Quality


– Lightweight
– Cool handling with reduced heat transfer
– Hassle free clipping as the hair can be swept away from the teeth to prevent blockages
– Longer Life
– Consistent Results

Lister blades are completely interchangeable, so it is suggested that you have a few different blade types in their kit bag just in case the weather changes, or you want to try out a new application.

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