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Max 45 Clipper: 3 Reasons Why You Need It in Your Kit

With several professional pet clippers on the animal grooming market, picking the ideal grooming tool can be a challenge!

If you’re looking for a reliable, mains powered clipper for your grooming tool kit – this is the one for you! Here are three reasons why you need the Max 45 Clipper in your pet grooming kit:

1. Designed for Heavy Duty Dog Clipping

This powerful two speed motor with cool running technology has been designed for heavy duty dog clipping. Delivering constant speed control, the Max 45 Clipper is the perfect grooming clipper that is ideal for heavy duty clipping. It automatically delivers more power and torque in tough, dense areas. This clipper is the ultimate grooming tool for bulk removal and thick coats.

Max 45 Clipper

2. Lightweight and Low Noise

With low noise and minimal vibration, this clipper is ideal for noise sensitive dogs and especially comfortable for you to use. For busy groomers, weighted clippers can cause strain on the hands. The Max 45 Animal Clipper is lightweight ensuring comfortable use for long periods of time.

Max 45 Clipper

3. Mains Powered

This corded clipper can be used continuously as you will never run out of power, particularly useful if you need to use it for an extended period of time. The Max 45 Dog Clipper has been designed mains powered ensuring that the clipper maintains full power and high performance for every clip. As a result, you have no time restraint when clipping.

Max 45 Clipper