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Short Beard Styles: How To Grow and Trim a Short Beard

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Not all heroes wear capes, but right now they do wear a mask. If you’re looking to grow a short to medium length beard this month, we’ve got you covered with the tools and tips that you need to make sure it looks extra sharp. Follow these steps for growth, shaping and maintenance, so that when you do remove the mask you can be confident with a superb looking beard. After all, it’s what’s underneath the mask that counts!


Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to grow out your facial hair to achieve this look. Make sure you’re using a Moisturiser or Beard Oil during this time to help with any itchiness you may experience during growth. Grow your beard out to the desired length, making sure you only touch up the cheeks if you need to.


The key to a sharp short-medium beard is trimming it into shape. For this you’ll need the WAHL Aqua Blade Stubble & Beard Trimmer. The Aqua Blade cuts between 0.2 and 25mm, which means with one tool you can shave your cheeks and neckline and then just add any of the 16 attachment combs to keep longer lengths tidy. The extreme precision blade will make light work of tidying stray hairs and neatly lining edges.


Once you’ve achieved the desired length and style, make sure you keep it hygienic with Beard Shampoo on a regular basis. Keep your Aqua Blade close by because you’ll need to keep on top of any stray hairs and line the edges for a sharp look. As you’ll need regular upkeep to maintain the length, every time you visit the barbershop make sure they give it a professional trim and shape.

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