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Spring Shedding: A Guide to Dog Shedding

Dog shedding in the spring is completely normal. You can’t stop your pet shedding its winter coat but you can decrease the amount of loose hair in your home.

Follow these easy tips to help your fury friend shed their hair comfortably this spring!


The main way to prevent pet shedding is through regular brushing. Not only does this capture loose, dead hair but also distributes natural oils throughout the coat. This makes it softer, sleeker, and more likely to stay put! You will need to ensure that you use the right brush for your dogs’ coat type.

Double coated dogs have a course outer coat which consists of a denser, wool-like undercoat. These type coats shed the most! It’s important to brush these coat types regularly. Any excess hair can get caught in the under coat causing stubborn knots and mats. If not seen too, these can cause clumps of hair that rub against the skin and abrasions. For double coats we recommend Wahl Double Row Rake & Shedding Blade or Self Clean Slicker Brush.

Like double coated breeds, long and curly-haired dogs can benefit from a shedding rake as well as large slicker brushes. These types of brushes help remove dense undercoats with damaging the outer coat. Shedding rakes are long and stiff and allow you to get down near your dog’s skin. Slicker brushes are designed to remove debris and tough tangles to achieve a smooth coat. For long or curly-haired dogs we recommend Wahl Large Slicker Brush or Wahl Double Sided Soft Brush.

Short-haired dogs will benefit from a stiff brush followed by a slicker brush to remove their excess hair. The stiff brush will dislodge the fur whereas the slicker brush will collect it from the coat. For short haired dogs we recommend Wahl Rubber Sheddy Brush or Wahl Small Slicker Brush.

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Shampoo & Conditioner

In addition to regular brushing, a warm bath using shampoo and conditioner can help speed your pets shedding. This will aid in removing any excess hair.

However, it is important to not bath your dogs too often as this can result in skin irritation or a dry and brittle coat. For efficiency, brush your dogs coat over before a bath to remove all loose and dead hair. You will also brush them dry after the bath as well. Be sure you check the ears and eyes to remove any stray hairs!

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