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Our Guide To Fading

The Cordless Magic Clip is a favourite when it comes to fading, here’s why it should be in your Tool Kit.


The Magic Clip blade has been designed to help you crunch out fade lines. With the ‘Crunch Blade’, you will achieve a blunter cut and a smoother finish all round. The unique Stagger Tooth blade feeds the hair faster for improved blending. The shape of the blade allows it to sit close to the scalp with or without attachment combs. Not only will your fades look perfect, but the Cordless Magic Clip makes it easier and quicker to achieve a great fade – so you have more time to fit in additional clients.


This tool won’t let you down, with a Lithium Ion battery for faster charging and consistent cutting power in addition to a 90-minute run time on a single charge. You also have the option to use on the cord for constant power.

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Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades. You can also adjust the blade to zero overlap for extra tight fading. There is no one way of creating a fade, but the top tip for using the Cordless Magic Clip is to stick to the lower grade guide combs (#0.5 – #2) to get the best results, rather than using it for your bulk removal. The ultimate goal of this clipper is to make it easier for you to crunch out your guideline.


As with any clipper and trimmer, your Cordless Magic Clip should be maintained daily to get the best results. As a fading tool that is used close to the skin, it’s important to disinfect the blade after every use. You can do this using the Hygienic Spray. At the least, the blades should be oiled at the start and end of every day. More frequent oiling is necessary if you are using the clipper heavily during the day. If you find the blade is getting warm or in need of a quick blast during cutting, Blade Ice cools, lubricates and removes loose hair from the blade.

Maintenance Kit

Check out our Specialist: The Fade course if you’re looking to improve or refresh your fading skills.

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