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Wahl Legend Clipper: 3 Reasons Why You Need It in Your Kit

Wahl Legend Lifestyle Clipper

With several professional hair clippers on the hairdressing and barbering market, you can build your kit to achieve a number of men’s haircuts and styles.

When it comes to creating a high-quality fade, the Wahl Legend Clipper is your must have clipper!

Here are three reasons why:

1. Improved Accuracy when Cutting

The Wahl Legend Clipper features our unique Wedge Blade that provides you with a better fade and blending range. Designed with a shallower angle and longer cutting grooves, the Wedge Blade offers improved accuracy when cutting. As a result, this enables you to achieve a cleaner and precise cut.

With Crunch Blade technology and unique cutting angles, this clipper allows you to create blunter cuts as well as seamless blended clipping.

Additionally, this tool is equipped with a wide taper throw that provides an extended range of fading capabilities and a greater variation in cutting lengths between 0.8mm and 3mm. This enables you to easily adjust the taper and texture without changing blades by using the convenient thumb adjustable lever.

Wahl Legend Professional Clipper

2. Consistent Power for Bulk Removal

Designed for bulk removal as well as fading, the Wahl Legend Clipper feature our powerful V9000 motor that runs cool for continuous use without overheating. Specifically designed for durability and longevity, it is the ideal tool for any busy barber who needs a reliable clipper in their kit.

With the benefit of being corded, the Legend provides you with continuous power which is particularly useful for busy salons.

Wahl Legend Lifestyle Clipper

3. Premium Guide Combs for Additional Lengths

This professional clipper also comes with our Premium Guide Combs that are 70% stronger than our standard guide combs.

For additional cutting lengths, simply attach one of the 10 premium attachment combs. These combs add additional lengths between 1.5mm to 25mm that you can simply attach to the blade making it an extremely versatile professional clipper.

Designed with Secure-Fit stainless-steel attachment clips, the combs securely fasten for smooth and easy clipping. This feature allows you to seamlessly glide through the hair without causing your client any discomfort.

Wahl Legend Lifestyle Clipper