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Q&A With WAHL Pro Grooming Ambassador Justin Williams

[caption id="attachment_152217" align="alignnone" width="294"]Justin Williams - Wahl Pro Grooming Ambassador Justin Williams - Wahl Pro Grooming Ambassador[/caption] Get to know our WAHL Pro Grooming Ambassador, Justin Williams, in this quick Q&A!

What's your favourite WAHL tool?

My favourite WAHL tool is the first grooming product I bought: the Bravura clipper. It's reliable, low vibration, lightweight and the finish is brilliant on every coat type. It comes with a detachable blade which is easy to clean and oil or send away for sharpening. Purchasing spare blades just in case the blade becomes blunt is a top tip of mine! The blade also has five settings; #9 #10 #15 #30 #40 so you can use different lengths for different areas. Purchasing the comb attachments along with the clippers offers you eight extra lengths for an all over finish. Other benefits of these amazing clippers is the 90 minutes run time. Plus, you check how much battery life you have left with the window at the base of the clippers. They come with a charging dock and power cable you can plug into the charging dock or directly into the clippers should the clippers run out of battery whilst using. As well as a cleaning brush, blade oil and a carry case so you can take it absolutely anywhere.

What do you think are the current grooming trends?

I find myself looking through many social media posts which include asian fusion or a mixture of asian fusion and original breed standard grooms. You have to keep up to date with new grooming trends and give customers what they want, as many breeds have been cross bred to give us these cute cuddly family pets we have in most of our homes today. As a dog groomer I find many products have been produced to help create these beautiful grooms we see today. Whether it is a detangle spray and slicker brush to keep teddy grooms mat free or a mini clippers to give that precision fine edge clip.

Do you have any tips or advice for new groomers?

Purchasing your own equipment is a must! To produce beautiful grooms at the salon or to practice at home. WAHL has the best carry cases which are lightweight, spacious and houses all your equipment, they also look the part and very professional.

Is there anything that you have learnt recently?

As a dog groomer, I find you're always learning - not every dog is the same! My weaknesses were how to deal with nervous or aggressive dogs and how to achieve grooms with dogs that can be a little unpredictable. Allow yourself plenty of time, researching the breed characteristics and your equipment to achieve grooms that meet customer expectations, whether it's a quiet low vibration clippers, quieter stand dryer to put the dogs at ease and make the grooming experience more enjoyable.   For more tips and advice, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.