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RECIPE: Sizzling Chicken Skewers

Easy Chicken Skewer Recipe, perfect for summer

You can whip up this delicious chicken skewer recipe in no time at all and no BBQ required! Served chicken skewers Watch the recipe video here.  


500g Boneless chicken thighs 1 cup of spice mix 1 red onion (chopped into chunks) 1 red pepper (chopped into chunks)  


Skewer sticks x 4 James Martin by Wahl Healthy Table Top Grill  


1: Cut 500g of fresh chicken thighs (boneless) into small skewer chunks and place in a bowl. Chicken on chopping board 2: Sprinkle the a pre-made spice mix over the chicken chunks. Pouring spice mix 3: Massage all of the flavour in to the chicken using your hands making sure all of the chicken is covered. Spice mix rubbed in to chicken 4: Using the chicken, red pepper and red onion assemble the skewers alternating between the 3 ingredients. assembling chicken skewers 5: Turn up the heat on your grill. This should heat up pretty quickly. Turn up heat on grill 6: Once your grill has heated up, please the skewers evenly across the plate. There is no need to spray any oil on to the grill plate as it's non-stick. place skewers on grill 7: Flip the skewers over after 5 minutes of cooking, or once cooked on one side. flipping skewers 8: Continue cooking until the chicken is golden brown all over. Check that they are cooked all the way through by cutting one open. golden brown skewers   These skewers taste great with any side, so serve them however you like! Enjoy!

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