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Washing a Dog At Home: Tips For A Good Bathing Routine

Washing a dog at home can be simple and dogs don’t need to be washed very often, as too much washing can be harmful to their skin and coat. However, every so often it’s good to bathe your dog to refresh their coat and remove any dirt. Especially if they are prone to getting muddy! Washing a dog at home can be simple if you have a good routine in place. Here’s what we recommend for a good bathing routine: Washing dog


Before you bring your dog to the bathtub or shower, make sure you have all of your essentials prepared. This will include; a towel and dog-friendly shampoo. Depending on their coat type, you might also need a sheddy brush and pet conditioner.


That’s right, bath time should start with brushing! This will help remove any loose dirt and hair before you start washing. It’s also beneficial to ensure that there are no mats within the coat as they will soak up water and become harder to untangle after washing. The Sheddy Brush is ideal for this if your pet has a short and smooth coat as it’s waterproof and rubber. For longer, thick and curly coats you can use a Slicker Brush to detangle the hair first.


Ahead of applying shampoo, make sure you rinse your dog thoroughly. The water should be lukewarm and not too high pressured. If your dog doesn’t like being sprayed with a shower, try using a water jug instead. Next, you should apply shampoo and lather up. You can apply a read-to-use diluted pet shampoo or water down a concentrated pet shampoo, either way make sure you check the shampoo instructions first. Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes and nose when shampooing. Once you’re happy that the coat has been fully scrubbed clean, you can thoroughly rinse the shampoo away.


Pet conditioner can be beneficial for long, curly, wiry and thick coats that are prone to matting. This will give the coat an added silky-smooth texture whilst making it more manageable when it comes to keeping it knot-free. Apply conditioner in the same way as you would the shampoo, making sure you rinse thoroughly. Alternatively, you can apply a leave-in conditioner such as a detangler spray.


Your dog will probably dry themselves off partially from shaking. To save yourself from getting wet, hold up a towel to catch some of the water. You can use a towel to pat your dog dry, but try to avoid being too rough when towel drying as you could cause mats and tangles. If your dog doesn’t mind it, you can also use a pet hairdryer on them to speed up the drying process.