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Which Hair Clipper Blade is for Me?

Choosing the right Hair Clipper Blade makes all the difference when performing a high-quality cut. The right blade will enhance your cut and can make the clipping process much easier. Just like motor, the blades are also an important factor to consider. Sharp blades give you the ultimate precision without compromising comfort while cutting hair, as dull blades may tug at the strands. Wahl’s Hair Clipper Blade's are self-sharpening, ensuring the best cutting performance for you. Every blade is precision ground from stainless steel to ensure sharpness and durability, improving the quality of your cutting experience. Choosing the right blade can be difficult. This post explains our top three clipper blades and how they can be used to enhance your clipping capabilities.     Wahl All In One Blade 

All in One Clipper Blade (KM1854-7041)

The Wahl All in One Clipper Blade is a multi-position blade that features 3 settings for different styling capabilities allows you to cut.
  • Position 1: Soft Razor for texturizing and flick and smack.
  • 2: Optimum Razor for peel cuts and slice cuts.
  • 3: Ultra Razor for soft, layer, twist and point cuts.
This revolutionary clipper blade is very versatile and enables you to achieve various styles without the need to switch the blade. You can use this blade for:
  • Creating fringe effects in long hair;
  • Working hair extensions into extremely thick hair;
  • Developing volume layering;
  • Slicing and peeling long hairstyles for a fresh and healthy look;
  • Cutting hair extensions;
  • Developing and structuring short hair.
Additionally, the blade is removable and snaps on and off for thorough cleaning. You can maintain the product’s performance and get a fresh cut every time you use it. Diamond Clipper Blade (KM1854-7022) Image

Diamond Clipper Blade (KM1854-7022)

The Wahl Diamond Blade delivers unrivalled cutting performance. This innovative blade has a carbon coating that covers the stainless-steel material. Its diamond-like properties make this blade 40 times more durable than the standard 5-in-1 blade. It features all the benefits of the standard blade, including five cutting lengths between 0.7 and 3mm, it requires no tensioning and is easy to clean. Like the All in One Clipper, the Diamond Clipper Blade is removable and snaps on and off for easy cleaning and maintenance. Fading Blade

Fading Blade (KM1887-7030)

The Wahl Fading Blade is specifically designed for cutting fast and effectively through short hair. The shorter cutting lengths offer tighter fading which creates the perfect fade. Moreover, it is the ideal blade for blending harsh lines throughout a fade, particularly at the skin line, cutting close to the skin with lengths between 0.5 and 2mm.