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Uniting Excellence: Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd and WAHL UK Ltd

We are thrilled to announce that Lister Shearing and Wahl UK are united as sister companies, forming an exciting alliance in animal clippers and trimmers. This partnership is based on a shared commitment to delivering exceptional grooming tools with quality our customers can trust.  

Lister Shearing, with a remarkable heritage dating back to 1909, has been a pioneer in the production of exceptional animal clippers and trimmers. Working with leading groomers, shearers, and farmers around the world, they have listened to the feedback of their users and studied the way in which their products are used to develop market-leading innovations, such as the patented self-clearing blades. Their products have earned them the prestigious Royal Warrant, a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. Whether it’s the Lister Fusion Clippers or the Cordless Eclipse Clipper, Lister’s offerings have become the gold standard amongst large animal groomers.  

Wahl UK, boasts a rich history of innovation in the barbering & hairdressing industry. With Leo J. Wahl’s ground-breaking invention of the first vibrating electromagnetic motor in 1919, the company revolutionised the world of hair clippers. Today, Wahl is the brand of choice for over 90% of barbers. 

Lister’s expertise in large animal grooming, coupled with Wahl’s dominance in the professional clippers and trimmers enables us to leverage our strengths and push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our customers receive the best products and services. 

Wahl take immense pride in being Lister’s largest partner, offering a comprehensive range of animal grooming products throughout the UK.