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    Wahl Education & Artistic Team

With 17 years of some of the strongest barbering expertise behind him, Creative Consultant of Wahl (UK), Alan Beak, is undeniably one of the biggest names in barbering in the UK.

As the Director and Co-Founder of RUGER . Alan specialises in contemporary and traditional barbering techniques including fading, layering and extensive styling, which he has delivered in over 20 countries.

Throughout his career, Alan has acquired some highly renowned clientele from the world of music, sports and business including names like Sergio Aguero, Liam Payne and Steven Bartlett. Alan achieves all of this whilst working full time in his barber shop which planted the roots for this awe-inspiring career.

Alan’s education is consistently paving the progression of the barbering industry, where he grips audiences who aspire to take their careers to similar heights, to showcase his artistry across seminars, exhibitions and courses around the world, alongside the Wahl Artistic Team.

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