These are our dog walking essentials for Autumn weather. Autumn weather is on the way so it’s nearly time to get out those wellies! We love muddy walks with our dogs, but we don’t love the mess it can make! Here’s a few essentials to have on hand before and after you walk to take care of your dog in the Autumn weather.   HOW TO CLEAN MUDDY COATS dog being shampooed Pet Wipes are ideal for keeping in the car for a quick clean-up after your walk. You can use the wipes on any area of the coat to get rid of muddy spots. There’s no need to rinse afterwards so you can put your dog straight in the car – no more muddy seats! Our Pet Shampoos are perfect for bath time after muddy walks. For dirty or matted coats, we recommend Dirty Beastie. The 250ml is diluted and ready to use so you can get that coat cleaned up quickly.

HOW TO GET RID OF WET DOG SMELL Walking in the rain can mean your pooch comes back smelling of wet dog. You don’t always want to bathe them to remove this smell as it’s not good for their coats to be washed too often. To give your dog a fresh smell you can use a Pet Cologne. Our range of fresh and fruity scents will leave their coat smelling beautiful without the need for a bath.   HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MATTED COATS muddy dog Running through muddy puddles and leaves can leave a lot of debris and dirt trapped in your dog’s coat. To avoid matts building up in the fur, regular brushing is recommended. For removing those tricky tangles, use a Dematting Comb with contoured stainless-steel teeth to gently comb them out. The Pet Sheddy Brush can be used on either wet or dry coats so that you can softly remove dirt even while shampooing. You can also use this brush to remove pet hair from clothes and textiles.   With these dog walking essentials, you’ll be ready no matter what the weather brings!