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Is Your Super Taper Genuine?

Please note this information only applies to Super Tapers sold in the UK and Ireland.


Packaging UK packaging is printed in English only. No other languages are used. At present, the UK packaging does not have a “mark of originality” or similar symbols on it.  


blades The screws on the Super Taper blade lay flatter on the genuine Wahl clipper. On the fake product with the taper lever set at the lowest level, the top blade protrudes and will result in injury if being used.  


The genuine UK Super Taper does not come with a euro plug.  

Cord Grips

The genuine Super Taper has a sturdier and longer cord grip with a different pattern.  

Rating Label

The genuine Super Taper is made in Europe and it includes the Wahl Hungary address.  

Hanging Loop

The genuine Super Taper has reinforced shoulders on the hanging loop making it much stronger.  


The genuine Super Taper has black rivets at the top and the blue wire connects directly to the coil.  


The fake has a faint square on the bottom of the lid, the genuine one is smooth.   If you are unsure on whether your product is a fake or not, please contact us.