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Men’s Hair Trends Summer 2021: Back to the Barbers!

There are plenty of options for Men’s Hair Trends Summer 2021 . The ideal hairstyle during the summer season offers the combination of a stylish haircut and staying cool in the heat. From buzz cuts to slick pomps, mullets and fades, this post covers 5 of the predicted Men’s Hair Trends Summer 2021!  
  1. Buzz Cut

As the warm weather approaches and our cold layers come off, so should your hair! Your winter locks are no longer needed so simplify your life and shave it all off this summer! Although a buzz cut is one of the simplest styles, there are factors to take into account. Consider the length and style - ask yourself whether you want to show some skin and how you feel about your hairline, since it’ll be on prominent display once you go short! It’s good to know that not all buzz cuts have to be one length and are often slightly shorter at the edges. This can be achieved with attachment combs of the desired length.  
  1. The Fade

For those that don’t know, a fade essentially means a transition of lengths on the back & sides of the hair. A mid fade cut is the perfect balance between a high fade and a low fade and is the perfect stylish summer cut! If you have a beard you can also ask your barber for the fade to extend so that it seamlessly transitions into your beard. It’s a great way to rock out the most stylish do that you can this summer! Click here to view our ‘HOW TO: Fade’ post.  
  1. The Mullet

It's not the style for everyone but the mullet is predicted to return in full force summer 2021! It’s a cut for men who are daring enough to stand out from the crowd and don’t take themselves too seriously. The style is all ‘business at the front’ with a short and sleek style and ‘party at the back’ with a long shaggy vibe. However, achieving this look isn’t as simple as shaving the sides and leaving the back of your hair to grow. You must have long hair to start with to achieve the shape, perfect for anyone still holding on to that lockdown hair growth!  
  1. Slick Pompadour

The modern pompadour is a mix of old and new - the sides get an undercut while the top is styled in a wavy way. A pompadour haircut simply features length and volume on top, swept-back, while the sides and back short and slicked. When considering a pomp, you need to think about length. The hair on the top of your head should be long enough to lay flat when brushed back and have a lot of height when blown dry. For most men, this means at least 4 inches of length. Click here to view our ‘HOW TO: Pompadour’ post.  
  1. Textures – Afro, Straight, Curly

Summer 2021 is the time to embrace your natural hair and all its textures - Afro, Straight, Curly or Wavy! Whether you have curly, coarse or extremely thick hair, Wahl have a variety of styling products that will assist in effortlessly styling your natural hair!