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5 Products For The Perfect Paw Groom

As a professional groomer, you know the importance of taking care of a pet’s paws. They can be susceptible to becoming sore, matted and cracked if not looked after. To make your job as a groomer easier, we have plenty of tools and products on hand to help you pamper your client’s paws. Check out these 5 products we recommend for the perfect paw groom:

Paw Prep

The first step to a perfect paw tidy is in the preparation. When shampooing, pay particular attention the paws and ensure they are thoroughly washed to remove any irritants. If you notice any soreness in the area, you can opt for a gentle formula shampoo that has soothing and cooling properties such as the Aloe Soothe Shampoo.

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Wahl Dog Shampoo

Clipping Paws

If you prefer to use a full-sized clipper on paws, the Bravura and Creativa are popular choices for this. Both are fitted with a 5 in 1 Blade that makes it quick and easy to adjust the cutting length whilst clipping. It also means you can continue on from the body clip without the need to switch tools. With a bigger blade than a trimmer, using a clipper on paws is best suited to larger paws with a lot of hair to remove.

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Trimming Paws

For a smaller option, the Bravmini and Mini Arco offer precise trimming which is useful in small areas. Very lightweight and with a smaller blade than a clipper, using a trimmer can be easier to control and to do detail work. They are a great option for little paws or those that just need a small touch up.

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Mini Arco paw trim

Nail Care

Most pets that come through your door will benefit from a nail trim, as this is something many owners are nervous about doing at home. It’s therefore essential for you to have some high-quality pet nail clippers on hand. The Dog & Cat Nail Clippers have a soft grip which make it easier for you to handle as well as a blade guide that help avoid cutting the quick.

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Wahl pet nail clipper

After Care

For the perfect paw groom finish, you can use a moisturising protection spray to help soothe any dry or cracked paws. The Pretty Paw Protection Spray is a gentle formula, containing natural ingredients including Tea Tree Oil to provide antibacterial qualities. It’s also Paraben, silicone & alcohol free.

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Wahl Pretty Paw Spray