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5 Professional Tips for Full Body Grooming

Learn how to attain full body grooming perfection with Wahl’s professional tips. Within this video you will learn:

  • How to cut hair with a multigroomer
  • How to main your facial hair
  • How to trim ear and nose hair
  • How to detail your eyebrows and lips
  • How to keep your chest and other delicate areas well-groomed

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Step 1: Cutting hair

Keep your hairlines in check with a trimmer blade. Focus on the areas around the forehead and temple to maintain a fresh haircut. For a full haircut, you can opt for a shorter cut using just the blade.

If you prefer a longer look, pop a guide comb on to cut to your desired length.

Man shaving his head

Step 2: Maintaining your facial hair

Keep your facial hair in check with a variety of guide combs to trim to your desired length. If you prefer the clean-shaven look, then swap out the attachment head for a closer cutting foil shaver.

Man shaving his head

Step 3: Trimming ear and nose hair

Removing unwanted hair doesn’t have to be painful. Pop an ear and nose hair attachment on to your trimmer and get rid of those pesky hairs painlessly. Keep your blade clean and hygienic by simply washing under a tap.

Man shaving his face

Step 4: Detailing eyebrows and lips

A fresh look can be made or broken by how you manage the details. Keep the area around your eyes and lips trimmed for a well-groomed finish.

Man shaving his head

Step 5: Chest and personal grooming

Keep the rest of your body well-groomed with multiple attachments that are suitable for all areas of the body.

For chest trimming, opt for a wide blade that will give you the best coverage. If you prefer a clean-shaven chest, then the wide foil shaver head is perfect.

For those more delicate areas, it’s best to opt for a guide comb that will help prevent any nicks or cuts.

Person shaving their chest

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