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Beard and Skin Care: Men’s Beard Shampoo to Aftershave!

An effective beard and skin care routine takes more than simply washing your face with soap. Your regime doesn’t have to be complex but using a few staple products can make all the difference.

The male-specific skin care industry has been revolving more than ever, but this can leave you feeling overwhelmed with what to buy.

Read this guide to understand a few of the products you can use and incorporate in your daily beard and skin care routine.

Beard Shampoo

Like most, you probably clean your beard with the same shampoo that you use for your hair. Whilst this is fine every so often, if used regularly this can dehydrate your skin and result in the beard dandruff.  For instance, some shampoos can contain moisture-stripping sulphates and other harsh ingredients that can affect your skin.

Specifically formulated to be gentle on your skin and for beard use, cleanse and condition your facial hair with the Wahl Beard Shampoo. In other words, achieve a clean, soft and manageable beard that smells amazing without stripping it of its natural oils!

Beard Shampoo

Beard Brush & Comb

If your beard is bushy, you may benefit from a beard comb. Using a beard brush will help spread your skin’s natural oils and remove any dead skin cells. Moreover, as beard combs naturally exfoliate the skin, you can limit the amount of time you shampoo your beard.

If you have a longer beard style, you may wish to use the Wahl Beard Straightening Brush. It is one of the best ways to remove tangles, frizz, and curls from your beard. It helps transform your facial hair from unruly and unkempt to looking clean and shiny. Created with unique bristle combination, it allows you to straighten your beard hair without burning your skin.

Wahl Beard Straightener Brush


Moisturising morning and night is an essential stage in a daily skin care regimen. It replenishes the moisture in your skin, so it feels refreshed, soft and hydrated.

Catering specifically to men’s skin, the Wahl Moisturiser delivers intense moisture and hydration for super smooth, healthy-looking skin. The non- greasy, lightweight, and quick-absorbing formula soothes and replenishes all skin types without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.

The skin underneath your beard is just as important as the rest of your face in keeping hydrated. In addition to moisturiser, it may be beneficial to use beard oil as well.

Wahl Moisturiser

Beard Oil

Beard oil is formulated to reach deep within the hair follicle to rejuvenate the skin and the root of the hair. It prevents your beard from itching and causing dandruff as it keeps the skin moisturised.  In addition, using beard oil even aids in taming those flyaway hairs and makes your beard feel super soft!

The Wahl Beard Oil moisturises the beard and skin and helps to prevent the dry beard look. You can choose from various scents including RefreshRevive and Relax.

Wahl Beard Oil

Foam Shaving Gel

Foam shaving gel prepares the face before shaving and aids in softening facial hair. Most importantly, it helps delivers a smoother razor glide for a more comfortable shave that prevents razor burn and bumps.

Enriched with moisturising properties, Wahl Foam Shaving Gel formula delivers a professional close shave that nourishes and soothes the skin for reduced irritation.

Wahl Foaming Shave Gel

Bay Rum

Aftershave lotions are great for tightening pores, sealing cuts and typically smell much stronger than aftershave balms. Above all, they aid in calming any shaving irritation and disinfect small nicks you might have given yourself.

Splash-on Wahl Bay Rum aftershave lotion containing an exotic, spicy scent which leaves the skin feeling refreshed and invigorated!

Wahl Bay Rum