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Dog Grooming Equipment List

Here you will find the comprehensive list of all the tools and supplies that you need to start your own dog grooming business!

1. Clippers

Dog grooming clipper are your main pet grooming tool. It’s important to get clippers that you can trust to get the complete the job, be reliable and last a long time.

If it is a corded do clipper you are looking for, we recommend the Max 45 Clipper. This 2-speed professional clipper is designed with a PowerDrive Performance system and works with all lines of pets. The clipper has a fan cooled motor for cooler operation when cutting as well as a longer life. Its ergonomic and lightweight design increases your comfort and control. The Wahl Max 45 is high torque clipper can cut through the thickest of coats.

If it is a cordless do clipper you are looking for, we recommend the Creativa Cordless Animal ClipperDesigned with an innovative battery changing system, the two Lithium Ion XXL batteries deliver combined cordless use of 360 minutes. The ergonomic design reduces wrist fatigue with automatic speed control that ensures a powerful drive and constant power level regardless of the type of coat or battery condition.

max 45 Dog Clipper

2. Trimmers

Animal trimmers are ideal for use on pets’ paws, ears, muzzle and tight areas where it’s hard to reach with the larger clipper blade. Generally speaking, a trimmer cuts closer than a clipper.

The Wahl Mini Arco Cord/Cordless Animal Trimmer is the ideal professional trimmer. The small size and quite operation makes it easy to conceal for nervous animals. This professional trimmer for pets is lightweight with a compact design which makes it perfect for getting into ‘difficult to reach’ areas. The cordless operation of up to 100 minutes allows full flexibility when trimming.

Arco Dog Trimmer

3. Shampoos

It is important to tailor each groom to your client, starting with the shampoo you choose.

The Wahl Showman Shampoo range caters for various skin types, coat types and colours, so no matter what client walks through your door you will have a shampoo that suits them and delivers amazing results. Our shampoos are formulated to be kind to animal’s skin and coat, using natural ingredients and free from potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicone and alcohol.

Learn more about each shampoo here.

Puppy shampoo

4. Conditioning Treatment

Our Easy Groom Detangle Treatment is the perfect companion to make any professional groomers daily job easier! It is perfect for teasing out any animals’ tangles and knots gently without pulling their hair.

This leave-in conditioning treatment contains vitamins, proteins and minerals to nourish the hair while moisturising, for a smooth and silky finish.

Can be left in the hair as a conditioner to maintain and protect the hair fibres.

detangler spray

5. Brushes

Brushes are essential in removing dirt, mats and tangles. It’s important that you use the right dog brush for the dog’s coat type, as using the wrong brush might make grooming uncomfortable for them. Generally, you will need a large slicker brush, a small slicker brush, a grooming comb, a de-matting comb and a shedding rake.

Read our Dog Brush Guide: Finding the Right Dog Brush to learn more.

Small Nylon Slicker Brush Product Image

6. Dryer

A dryer that offers the option for ‘hands-free’ drying can be a great help.

The Wahl Hair Dryer with Stand is a powerful 1800W hair dryer with a robust, multi-position stand that eliminates the need to hold the appliance during drying, freeing up hands for grooming. The stand gives you flexibility while drying allowing you to hold the dog and brush.

pet dryer

7. Nail Clippers

When it comes to claw care there are a number of nail tools to choose from and understanding how they work can help you narrow down your search.

Our Nail Grinder is ideal for trimming, shaping, and smoothing your pet’s nails. Grinders can be used on any size dog and they reduce the potential for accidents when caring for pets’ nails.

Nail clippers are great for quick nail trims – though often a filer or grinder is needed after to smooth down any sharp edges a clipper can leave behind. The Nail Clippers are outfitted with a safety stop guard which overcomes the risk of overcutting and hurting the QUICK (blood vessel in your pets’ claws). The semi-circular indentations in both blades allow you to see exactly where you’re cutting the pet nail.

nail grinder