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Horse Grooming: Summer Care and Tips

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With the Summer Season well underway and the hot weather approaching it is time to change up your Horse Grooming routine. Grooming your horse frequently is an important part of equestrian care. Not only is it a priority to look pristine during the summer show season, but also a key element to your horse’s health and wellbeing.

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Manes & Tails

The darker evenings over the winter season often lead to time shortages. This can result in your horse’s mane becoming unruly! Spring and summer is the perfect time to get that mane back under control! In addition to an unruly mane, more tail swishing means more tangles, knots and debris stuck in them.

For easy removal of knot and tangles, ensure your horses tail is clean. Tails often look grubby after winter so you may decide that a wash is needed. Wahl Shampoos and Conditioners can aid in detangling, making brushing more comfortable for yourself and your horse.

Ultimately, brushing works best and that is why it is important for your horses’ tail to be clean and slick. The Wahl Mane and Tail Brush has plastic bristles that feature moulded ball ends to reduce damage. It has been designed with rounded ends to encourage the hair to pass through the brush gently, teasing out all knots and tangles. It’s bristles are durable yet gentle on your horse’s coat.

If you are a perfectionist, finalise the finishing touches and trim the ends for a sharp sleek look!

Mane & Tail Brush


During the summer months your horse’s hair can begin to moult! This can get rather itchy and uncomfortable so doing a good groom to help remove the loose hair can do your horse a big favour!

For body grooming you can use a curry comb. Using in a circular motion will better the chances of getting plenty of any loose hair out. The Wahl Rubber Curry has been specifically designed for easy, effective use and comfort for the horse and groomer. This short-toothed horse grooming brush is made with rubber and can be used to rub or “curry” the loose hair, dirt, debris and other particles from under your horse’s coat surface. In addition, stimulating the skin for healthy blood flow and the production of natural oils.

When using a curry brush, it helps to stop every now and then to flick loose hairs off the horse using the Wahl Stiff Bristle Body Brush.

Afterwards, use the Wahl Soft Bristled Brush to remove smaller particles and grease from the coat. This brush provides a soothing sensation to the horse and encourages natural oils to move through the coat for a healthy shine. We also have a version that is smaller and designed for gentle use on the face.

Rubber Curry (858712-001) Image


When grooming your horses face, you must consider that this is a delicate and sensitive area.

The Wahl Face Brush has soft bristles that remove loose hair and dirt, leaving a great, glossy shine. This brush is gentle enough for even grooming the head of shy horses!

The very soft bristles are ideal for this sensitive area and it is the perfect size for the delicate areas around the face.

Face Brush

Ears & Legs

Some show horses have the edges and insides of their ears trimmed.  You may decide to just trim the edges of the ears and leave the insides fuzzy and hairy as this can help with fly protection!

When it comes to your horse’s legs, it is a similar situation to ears. Trim if you wish!

Ideal for trimming, the Wahl Pocket Pro Battery Operated Trimmer is compact and ergonomic. With a close trimming blade, it is ideal for trimming ‘difficult to reach areas’ such as your horse’s muzzle, whiskers, face, ears and legs! Currently from 10.99 to £7.33!

Pocket Pro Battery Operated Trimmer 360° Image 33


It is important to clean your horse’s hooves of dirt, mud, stones, gravel and debris throughout the year. If left and the hooves are not picked, this can lead to discomfort, infection, and lameness.

A hoof pick is a hooked tool with a handle, usually made of metal or plastic that removes all material that gets packed into the sole of a horse’s hoof. Simply lift horse’s foot so that the bottom of the hoof is reachable, then pick out the trapped debris from heel to toe.

The Wahl Hoof Pick has an ergonomic handle with soft rubberized surface for maximum user comfort. Modern design and outstanding quality. Removes incrustations and dirt effortlessly from the hoof, thanks to its reinforced stainless-steel hook!

Hoof Pick