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HOW TO: Afro Skin Fade

Afro fade

By Michael Damiano

How to create the Afro Skin Fade, a step by step guide.

Step 1

Map the fade line from just below the temple to the nape with a #1 guide comb.

Michael uses the Magic Clip Clipper. 

Step 2

Create a guide line above the mapping line with a #2 guide comb.

Step 3

Put the #0 guide in below the #1, curving to create a shadow fade.

Using the Detailer Trimmer.

Step 4

Tighten the fade between the mapping and guide line with a #1.5 guide comb.

Using the Cordless Magic Clip Clipper.

Step 5

Fade out the line between the #0 and #1, working the taper lever from open to closed.

Step 6

Remove bulk around the side with a #4 comb.

Step 7

Taper the side to the fade with clipper over comb technique.

Step 8

Comb out to natural state and free hand shape.

Step 9

Shape-up and sharpen the hair lines.