Whether you’re preparing for a show or simply want your horse to look its best, here are some top tips to ensure a gleaming coat after your horse’s next clip:


Start with a Clean Coat BEFORE Clipping

Before you even turn on the clippers, make sure your horse’s coat is thoroughly cleaned. Remove all the dust, dirt, and grease to prevent the clippers from becoming blunt. Use a good quality shampoo, like the Wahl Dirty Beastie, and a gentle brush, working in circular motions to help lift the dirt from the coat.

putting cleaner on a sponge

Using the right gear

It’s essential that your clipper blades are sharp and well-maintained. Dull blades can tug at the hair rather than cleanly cut it, leading to an uneven finish with lines across the coat. We also recommend that you use the correct blades for your horse’s coat type. Check out our blade guide for more information on what blade you should be using for your horse.

cleaning a clipper

Hot Clothing

One of the most effective ways to maintain a shiny coat post-clipping is hot clothing. This age-old method involves dampening a cloth with hot water (not scalding) and rubbing the horse’s coat vigorously. This process helps in lifting and removing any remaining dirt, grease, and loose hair. The warm cloth also opens up the pores, making it easier to clean deeper. Always finish with a dry cloth to remove any leftover moisture.

cleaning a horse with a blanket

Condition with Oils

Oils can do wonders for a horse’s coat! Not only do they provide essential nutrients that promote hair health, but they also give the coat a natural shine. Some oils can be added to warm water during the hot clothing process.

When applying any oil, start sparingly. You can always add more, but over-application can make the coat greasy.

horse in a stall

Maintain Nutrition

A horse’s diet plays a vital role in the quality of its coat. Ensure your horse is getting a balanced diet, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Supplements containing biotin, zinc, and omega fatty acids can be particularly beneficial for coat health!

horse jumping

Regular Grooming

Regular grooming keeps the coat in top condition. Brushing not only removes dirt and tangles but also stimulates blood circulation, which promotes hair health and natural shine.

horse being brushed

Protection from the Elements

After clipping, the horse’s skin can be more sensitive- imagine getting your hair shaved! Protect the coat by rugging appropriately to the weather. This will also prevent the coat from being exposed to excessive dirt and mud.

person sitting on a horse

In conclusion, a shiny coat post-clipping can be achieved using a combination of detailed pre-clip preparation, proper clipping techniques, and post-clip care.