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Styling Tools: Wahl’s 5 Stylist Must-have Hair Tools

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This post covers the complete basics of which Styling Tools you need in your barbershop / salon. Read more to discover Wahl’s Top 5 recommendations:


An essential tool for barbers and hairdressers is an excellent quality pair of clippers.

Top pick from Wahl: With over a century of professional heritage we simply recommend all our Wahl clippers! However, when it comes to the specifics the Wahl Icon is a go-to for any professional. Equipped with our innovative new motor which gives up to 40% more power than our standard motor, while running 18°C cooler, this clipper delivers 6,000 strokes per minute. It has been designed for bulk removal, durability and longevity.
The Icon has a 3-metre professional-length cord for continuous power and is cased in a smart modern design in white which sets off the gleaming chrome centrepiece. It’s comfortable to hold and weighs just 437 grams making it easy to work with. With premium guide combs, the engineered grade material makes them 70% stronger than our standard guide combs.
Currently, with 20% off, what better time to purchase this outstanding performing clipper!?
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Finishing Tools

Finishing tools aid in cleaning up and solidifying a great haircut. They are a must have for any professional perfectionist!

Top pick from Wahl: The Wahl Finale is the ultimate finishing tool designed for finishing, fading, blending and bald fades. Featuring the highest quality hypoallergenic gold, the ultra-fine foil enables a 0.1mm cutting length. When using the Finale, only the lightest pressure is required for the ultimate super close cut and bump-free shave. With Lithium Ion battery, it provides a strong run time of 80 minutes, perfect for any busy barbers!

Hair Straighteners

Whether it’s straight hair, beach waves or bouncy curls, a styling tool your salon can not be without is hair straighteners!

Top pick from Wahl: The Wahl Style Collection Styling Iron is designed for effortless styling and curling. With this straightener, you can work on a lower heat to reduce heat damage, featuring an adjustable digital temperature function from 160°C to 210°C. This Styling Iron also features contoured ceramic plates and edges that heat up and cool down ultra-fast. This reduces the risk of snagging when creating smooth curls, waves or sleek straight hair. It is perfect for all hair types and leaves a super shinny finish.
Co-designed with leading stylists Hooker & Young, this styling tool was built with a real understanding of the needs of today’s stylists. The Style Collection Iron is robust enough to live up to the demands of the busy salon environment, and dynamic enough to create hair that lives up to life!
Style Collection Styling Iron - Styling Tools

Hair Dryers

Finding the perfect hair dryer that eliminates frizz and doesn’t overheat the hair can be a proven challenge!

Top pick from Wahl: The Wahl Style Collection Dryer is a perfectly balanced dryer with three heat settings and the ability to switch on Turbo Heat or Cool Shot giving you total versatility at your fingertips. The quick dry air flow on the Wahl Dryer allows fast drying on a lower temperature, to help protect hair from heat damage, whilst the cool shot button allows you to lock in your style for a long-lasting shine and healthier looking hair.
The Style Collection has been designed by professionals for professionals. Created so that you can use less heat but still achieve those all-important high standard results!

Brushes and Combs

Brushes and combs are an important element of your styling tool kit! There is a brush or comb for every need including untangling, sectioning, adding volume, styling and much more!

Top picks from Wahl: The Wahl Fade Brush is designed to clearly define fade work, without hair sticking to the scalp. The soft but firm bristles remove cut hair to help identify any imperfections. It is the ideal brush for intricate clipper fade cuts with a classic tear-drop shaped handle for comfortable use and maximum control.
In addition to the Fade Brush, why not treat your kit to the Wahl Speed Comb. It is perfect for creating flat tops, tapering, and clipper over comb techniques. This comb eliminates cross-cutting, has a clipper over comb guide as well as a textured thumb grip for easy rotation.
It is also important as a barber or hairdresser to keep your professional appearance groomed on the go. Our Wahl Pocket Comb is the perfect pocket-sized companion to keep your hair and/or beard tidy. Crafted in a shave razor design, this comb is always on hand to tame unruly hair as it can be clipped on to your keys or belt loop!
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