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In the world of hair, few names resonate as strongly as WAHL Professional. With over a century of innovation, we have been the go-to choice for barbers, stylists, and professionals alike.

Today, we are celebrating some of our iconic barbering clippers and trimmers. Inspired by the unique buzz and hum of the industry-favourites, we have created songs to celebrate the tools and pros behind them.

As we all know, every barbershop and salon has a musical backdrop that sets the tone for their space, experience and clients. But that backdrop is more than just the radio playing in the background; it’s the chatter, the laughter, and the distinct sound of our clippers.

Magic clip shaver

Every WAHL clipper has its own distinct vibration, tone, and pitch. We factored in the variable speeds, swappable blade, along with a variety of cutting techniques to create our very own rich palette of iconic sounds.

We wanted to turn those sounds into songs that are as iconic as the clippers that inspired them, to celebrate the identities and diversity not only of each tool but of each barber in the industry.

No matter how trends and the industry evolve, professionals always come back to the icons.


We matched some of the most iconic WAHL Educators to the clipper or trimmer that best fits their style to then create a unique sound for each tool.

We brought in educators that have been working with WAHL for many years. These are top educators in our industry, people who live and breathe barbering and styling, and they have become just as iconic as the tools they use daily. We wanted to celebrate each of them and their unique style.

Woman shaving a mans head

We held two shoots in Chicago, both hosted at the WAHL Barber Academy. We brought the production crew in, along with a music producer to capture the sounds of the clippers in natural action. We had the educators cut in different styles, on different hair types, and with different techniques to capture the wide variety of tones, hums, and buzzes that the tools create. Then the producer took all the sounds back to the studio to weave the unique sounds of the tools into songs.

Each song was inspired by the sound of the tool, leading to a mix of genres and global sounds.

Can you guess the Icons?