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WAHL Icons: Shaping a Legacy of Sound

You know an icon when you hear it. Because the sound of a WAHL clipper is music to the ears.

WAHL have some of the most iconic clippers and trimmers in the world. Inspired by the unique buzz and hum of barbershops and salons around the world, we have captured this to create songs that celebrate the tools and pros behind them.

Every WAHL clipper has it’s own distinct vibration, tone and pitch. Factor in the variable speeds, swappable blades, along with a variety of cutting techniques, and you have a rich sonic palette of iconic sounds.

So, we asked ourselves, what if we turned those sounds into songs as iconic as the clippers that inspired them?

Meet the WAHL Icons


Listen to the Original WAHL Icon Soundtracks

The Making of an Icon

Behind the Sounds

Go behind the sounds and hear how the Icons were captured.


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WAHL Cordless Senior

Rock a classic with the timeless Senior.
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WAHL Cordless Legend

Pick up a Legend and define your style.
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WAHL Cordless Magic Clip

Take hold of a Magic Clip and shape your sound.
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WAHL Super Taper

Hear why the Super Taper’s popularity continues to grow.
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WAHL Cordless Detailer LI

Shop the Detailer Li and hear what all the hype is about.
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Get your KM10 and hear the difference for yourself.
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