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The easiest way to make Pulled Pork Burgers

Easy to make Pulled Pork Burgers

Are you looking for a super easy, slow cooked Pulled Pork recipe? If so, this is the one for you...   Watch the video here.   Ingredients 4 pound pork shoulder 2 tablespoons paprika (try smoked paprika for more of that smoked flavor) 2 tablespoons brown sugar a single teaspoon pepper 1x teaspoon cayenne pepper 1x teaspoon garlic powder one teaspoon onion powder 1x teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 3/4 cup water   Equipment James Martin by Wahl Digital Multi Cooker   Method
  1. Rub in dried spice mix onto all sides of the pork, making sure that it covers all of the meat.
2. Pour Apple cider vinegar and water into the Digital Multi Cooker pot 3. Carefully place the pork into the Digital Multi Cooker pot 4.  Cook on high heat for 4 hours (no need to turn during this time) 5. Remove the pork and shred however you want ( remove any fatty pieces and discard). 6.  Place pork onto to bun, it's that simple! The Pulled Pork Burgers would taste great with any side, so serve this however you like and enjoy!  

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