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Wahl Ultimate Competition Blades: 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Blade

With pet grooming bigger than ever in the UK, you need to have tools that you can rely on to see you through busy days. If you haven’t tried the Wahl Ultimate Competition Blades on your clippers, now might be the time to upgrade your blade! Here’s 3 reasons why you should:

2367-516 - Ultimate Comp Blade - 7 - Front - Web Hero

Smoother Feeding

If you find that your standard blade leaves clipper tracks, then it’s time to upgrade to an Ultimate Blade! With upgraded tooth geometry to feed the hair smoothly even through the thickest of coats. Pair your Ultimate Competition Blade with our Stainless Steel Competition Comb Set* for the perfect cutting combo. With smooth, rounded tips and snug fit to the blade for safe, snag-free clipping. *The recommended blades for use with these combs are: #8.5, #9, #10, #15 and #30.  

Faster Cutting

Speed up your cutting time! The Ultimate Blades cut up to 2.5 times faster than the standard competition blade. A bonus when time is money! Using these blades on your Wahl KM10 or KM5 clippers with their 2-speed motor, you’ll be able to enjoy a faster, more efficient and powerful cut. Ultimately resulting in amazing results for your clients!  

Sharper for Longer

During busy times, you’ll know that blades will blunt more quickly due to high use. The Ultimate Blade is made from high carbon, precision ground steel that stays sharper for longer. This means that you won’t have to replace your blades as often!  

The Wahl Ultimate Competition Blades are available in the following sizes:

#40, #30, #5, #10, #10W, #9, #8.5, #7, #7F, #5, #5F, #4, #4F, #3F. Compatible with the KM5, KM10, KM Cordless, Max 45 professional grooming clippers.   Shop the Wahl Ultimate Competition Blades here.