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Vegan-Friendly Products: 5 Star Shaving Range

Discover our Vegan Friendly 5 Star Shaving products - A classically stylish range of traditional shaving products that have been designed to take shaving from a chore to a luxurious and classy experience.


5 Star Pre-Shave Oil

Designed to give a close, comfortable and enjoyable shave and helps to banish irritation, with a subtle, fresh natural minty fragrance.
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5 Star Beard Oil

Moisturises your beard and skin, full of natural oils to tame the dry beard look and leave soft, shiny facial hair.
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5 Star Hair Tonic

A classic tonic that nourishes the hair and scalp while the special formula helps to banish dandruff.
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5 Star Shave Gel

An enriched moisturising formula that helps deliver a professional close shave that nourishes the skin for reduced irritation.
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5 Star Moisturiser

An easily absorbed non- greasy moisturiser, formulated to soothe and hydrate all skin types.
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