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Barber Kit Essentials 2022

Building a barber kit for student barbers on a budget can be an overwhelming challenge.

This blog post explains how you can build the best barber kit consisting of our student-ready, top recommended products.

Wahl barbering tools have been used by professionals since 1919. You can be confident that 100 years of professional hair cutting innovation is in each and every product – who else are you going to trust?

Our list compiles of things a barber needs, whether you’re a barber at home, at a salon, or mobile.

1. Disinfectants

Hygiene is an important aspect in barbering, sanitation is key. Before and after every customer you will have to sanitize your tools, workstation and ensure your hands are clean.

Wahl Hygienic Clipper Spray will keep your blades lubricated, clean and free from bacteria. Teamed with Wahl Antibacterial Surface Spray, that is a fast and effective surface disinfectant, it kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and yeasts so you can be sure that your workstation is sanitary.

clipper spray

2. Clippers

Clippers are an essential barber tool. Anyone looking at building a barber kit for beginners must include clippers in their budget.

Designed with apprentices and students in mind, Wahl’s Pro Clip is an excellent entry-level mains hair clipper. The Wahl Pro Clip has a basic but powerful motor making this a great choice for hairdressers’ apprentices. This corded clipper has a cutting width of 40mm with high-precision, chrome-plated blades that are rust resistant and replaceable via a screw system. The thumb lever lets you adjust taper and texture without the need to change blades. Just add the attachment combs for additional lengths.

Additionally, the Wahl Super Taper is an excellent option. It has become the UK’s number one selling clipper and has become iconic amongst barbers and hairdressers.

Pro Clip

3. Trimmers

Like clippers, a good quality trimmer is essential to any starter barber kit.

The Wahl Super Micro Trimmer is a high performance, professional trimmer with a single speed rotary motor. Its lightweight and ergonomic design provides balance and control making it ideal for trimming and detailing work. It comes complete with with snap on/off blades for thorough cleaning, so you can maintain the product’s performance and achieve a fresh cut every time you use it.

Super Micro

4. Shavers

Foil Shaver are designed for precision fading and blending.

The Wahl Finale is the ultimate finishing tool designed for finishing, fading, blending, bald fades. The ultra-fine foil enables a super close cut of 0.1mm. Only the lightest pressure is needed for the ultimate super close cut and bump-free shave. The tool benefits from a lithium-ion battery, which provides a strong run time of 80 minutes. For hygienic use every time, use the quick release button.

Finale Finishing Tool

5. Blade Oil and Brush

In order to ensure that you get the life and performance out of your clipper or trimmer, it is recommended regularly brush out the hair and oil your blades.

  • Brush out any hairs within the blades.
  • Blades should be oiled after cleaning with our Hygienic spray.
  • Clippers should be oiled with our Blade Oil after each use.
  • Trimmers should be oiled once a day or after several usages.

6. Combs

There are plenty of combs out there, depending on what type of styles you want to create.

Flat Top Comb Set is great for controlling long thick hair while using your clippers or scissors. They will enable you to create balanced and level cutting with extreme ease. The smooth surface allows for the clipper blade to glide smoothly across it.

flat top combs

7. Duster

You’ll need a duster to remove leftover hair from the neckline.

The Wahl Neck Duster Brush is an essential item for barbers and hairdressers allowing to dust away loose hairs after haircut, trim or shave. The brush has an ergonomic handle, very comfortable to hold. Made with real goat hair bristles, the Wahl Neck Brush is soft and gentle for dusting around the ears, neckline and shoulders.

neck duster brush

8. Cape

A barber cape is key in keeping your client clean during a cut.

Our Wahl Professional Capes come in three stylish designs with the WAHL logo printed on the front. It is an essential for any busy barber or hairdresser seeking a great quality cape for multiple use. This professional hairdressing cape/gown is lightweight and breathable and keeps unwanted hair and hair-products off customers and their clothes. An important factor for any customer! The hook fastening means that is a one size fits all cape. To ensure hygiene, you can wash our capes at a higher temperature (up to 60 ⁰C) to kill any bacteria and viruses.

barber cape

9. Styling Product

What styling products you use and decide to include in your beginner barber kit is your choice. We recommend our Fibre, Gumma and Klay.

Fibre gives outstanding body and texture. Perfect for fine hair, it offers flexible hold for remoulding individual textured shapes.

Use Gumma to create your own extreme style. Gives hair ultimate long-lasting hold leaving a matte finish without any stickiness.

Our versatile Klay styler is essential for creating structured or messy shapes with a matte, textured finish. Define hair with strong lasting hold, texture and shine. All products are suitable for all hair types.

Wahl Hair Styling Products

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