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Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Dogs Coat

Wahl Dog Shampoo

There are several grooming products on the market but the most essential for your dog’s coat health is shampoo. When it comes to bathing and cleaning your pets coat, choosing the right shampoo is vital.

Your dog’s shampoo needs to be chosen properly. It is responsible for cleaning your pet’s coat and skin, and encounters both extensively.

It is recommended to consider 5 key factors before purchasing your dog’s shampoo:
  1. Identify what your pet’s coat is and what it needs.
  2. Establish what your pet’s coat does not need.
  3. Understand the product’s ingredients.
  4. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  5. If need be, opt for a medicated shampoo.

Keep reading to understand Wahl’s carefully crafted shampoos, created for all pet’s coat types!

Aloe Soothe Shampoo

Wahl Aloe Soothe contains natural ingredients that include avocado and coconut. The carefully balanced formula will condition your dog’s skin and calm any irritation. The formula relieves skin issues as it cleans.

Infused with wheat germ extract, our Aloe Soothe Shampoo deodorise the hair leaving a fresh, herbal, floral fragrance with hints of green pine, spearmint, and eucalyptus.

Wahl Aloe Soothe also contains beneficial ingredients such as Vitamins E and C.  They work with the aloe to promote healthy and glossy results every time. The aloe vera gel soothes and cools the skin as the shampoo gently removes dirt, grease, and stains from your pet’s coat.

Suitable for pets with sensitive skin / skin irritation.
Wahl Aloe Soothe Shampoo

Copper Tones Shampoo

Wahl Copper Tones leaves a sweet and fruity banana scent with supporting notes of pineapple on a vanilla base.

The perfectly balanced formula revitalises, refreshes and enhances the natural red and brown pigmentation within your pet’s coat. It had been created with natural ingredients including peach, pear, passionflower and kiwi fruit. Copper Tones successfully removes dirt, grease, stains, and odours effectively.

Suitable for pets with brown and red tones in their coat.
Wahl Copper Tones Shampoo

Deep Black Shampoo

Wahl Deep Black is designed to give black coats a new lease of life! This professional animal shampoo boosts the coats natural pigmentation. This means that this product is also ideal on grey or blue coats too!

Suitable for any coat type, Deep Black Shampoo effectively removes dirt, grease, and staining.

Suitable for pets black and dark toned coats.
Wahl Deep Black Shampoo

Diamond White Shampoo

Wahl Diamond White is a carefully balanced formula that will enhance, revitalise and refresh the natural white and light pigmentation within your pet’s coat.

This shampoo is suitable for all animal hair types. It will leave your pet’s coat bright, silky, and shining with vitality and health!

Suitable for pets with white and light tones in their coat.
Wahl Diamond White Shampoo

Dirty Beastie Shampoo

Wahl Dirty Beastie is a perfectly balanced formula that will effectively cleanse dirty, thick and matted coats.

Dirty Beastie has been designed to be powerful yet gentle. It actively removes dirt, grease, stains and odours. It will deodorise even the smelliest pet’s coat!

Designed to rejuvenate the hair as it cleans, Dirty Beastie also contains beneficial ingredients that will promote healthy and glossy results every time.

Suitable for pets with thick and/or matted coats.
Dirty Beastie Shampoo 250ml

Mucky Puppy Shampoo

Wahl Mucky Puppy has been carefully formulated as a ready-to-use shampoo that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and the coats of young animals. The formula is suitable for use on all puppy’s hair types as well as kittens too!

This product is based on natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, making it suitable for extra sensitive skin. Wahl Mucky Puppy has a mild cleansing action that gently removes grease and dirt from the coat. This carefully formulated product is gentle and leaves pets’ fur clean and easy to brush!

Suitable for pets with sensitive skin and young animals.
Wahl Mucky Puppy Shampoo

Oatmeal Essence Shampoo

Wahl Oatmeal Essence is the perfect shampoo for dogs with very sensitive skin. It contains oat proteins to soothe and reduce irritation in the skin. The carefully crafted formula has natural coconut extract and almond oil to moisturise and condition your pet’s hair. This aids in easing both dryness and inflammation.

Formulated to be extremely gentle on your animal’s coat, Oatmeal Essence removes dirt, grease and odours. Additionally, it reduces irritation as it cleans. It is suitable for all hair types, leaving a soft and natural smelling coconut fragrance with a hint of sweetness.

Suitable for pets with extra sensitive skin.
Wahl Oatmeal Essence Shampoo

Tea Tree Shampoo

Wahl Tea Tree is designed to gently comfort your pets’ skin as it cleans the coat. It gently removes dirt, grease and odours, rejuvenating hair as it cleans. The formula includes tea tree extract to soothe and cool as it removes bacteria.

Tea tree is well-known for having soothing, cooling and anti-bacterial properties, and it doesn’t fail here! The peppermint acts as an anti-bacterial agent to help thoroughly cleanse the coat. The moisturising coconut oil and wheatgerm oil combines to rejuvenate the hair for healthy and glossy results.

This shampoo is for any coat type but is brilliant for coarser hair and animals with sensitive skin.

Suitable for pets with coarse hair, sensitive skin or in need of antibacterial properties.
Wahl Tea Tree Shampoo