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Professional Hair Styling: How To Style With Less Heat

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What this means for your clients and why you should be telling them about it.

Building a strong rapport with your client goes far beyond small talk of holidays. To keep them coming back time after time, you need to demonstrate that you’re an expert in hair and specifically know how to care for their individual hair type.

You’ve done the hard work and taken the time to research and invest in the tools you’re using, so it makes sense to explain what it is and why it’s important to your client.

How do you achieve the same results with less heat?

We’ve put down a few features of our tools that will show your client that their hair is well cared for in the styling process:


Why use Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coated plates will glide effortlessly through the hair, reducing the risk of snagging and damaging the hair. It helps to distribute heat evenly whilst styling, for one-stroke styling.

Great for: All hair types, to get a glossy finish without damage.

Ceramic Coated ToolsPro Shine Conical WandPro Shine Curling TongPro Glide StraightenerThe Style Collection Styling Iron

Ceramic Coated, Keratin Infused barrel


Why use an Ionic hairdryer?

Hairdryers with Ionic function enable you to use a lower temperature when drying hair. It also cuts down drying time as well as reducing static and frizz for a smooth result.

Great for: Achieving sleek styles, but also great for curlier hair as it keeps the definition.

Ionic DryersPro Slim DryerPro Keratin DryerThe Style Collection Dryer

Use less heat with Ionic Function


Why use Tourmaline?

Having a Tourmaline infused grille means that you can dry on a lower heat and still achieve great results. In addition, it keeps the moisture in the cuticles and gives the hair a sleeker, shinier finish.

Great for: Thicker, frizzy hair types that struggle to get a shiny finish.

Tourmaline DryersPowerdryPro Slim DryerPro Keratin Dryer

Tourmaline Grill


Why use Keratin Infused?

Our Keratin Infused tools will help to protect the hair whilst heat is being applied to reduce potential damage and give a shinier, silkier finish.

Great for:  Damaged or dry hair, prone to split ends.

Keratin Infused Tools: Pro Keratin DryerPro Glide Straightener

Keratin Infused Plates for heat protection


Why use Adjustable Temperature?

Protect the hair from heat damage with lower heat settings on finer textures and deliver the same unbeatable results

Great for: All hair textures, allows you to create flawless styles with minimal heat damage.

Tools with Adjustable TemperaturePro Shine Conical WandPro Shine Curling TongPro Glide StraightenerThe Style Collection Styling Iron

Adjustable Temp