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Multigroomers: The Attachment Heads

Stainless Steel Multigroomer - 4 attachment heads

For all-over grooming multigroomers are the go-to! You can tackle haircutting, beard & stubble trimming, body grooming as well as personal trimming. Equipped with several heads for all multigroom needs, you can achieve hair, face a body trimming without buying a new tool each time.

This article covers the attachment heads that come with Wahl’s multigroomers and how you can get the best out of your multigrooming tool!

Standard Trimmer Head

The standard trimmer head on multigroomers is ideal for maintaining your beard and trimming any stubble. If you have a medium to long beard, the standard head can be used particularly for shaping and edging as well as tidying up hairlines. Moreover, it is also the most suitable attachment used to tidy sideburns and necklines too. It is perfect for all over body grooming including the chest, stomach, legs and more.

Standard Trimmer Head


For bulk hair shaving, the T-blade is ideal as the wider blade makes it quicker and easier to cut and remove the hair. You can also easily create sharp lines, shaping your beard with the T-Blade due to its precision cutting. Overall, T-Blades are suitable for hair cutting and body grooming.

T Blade Head

Foil Head

Foil Shave Heads capture the hair with its holes, cutting it close to the skin. They are great for achieving an ultra-clean shave and tidying below the beard line. Additionally, close shaving of the beard and body can be accomplished using a foil head.

Shaver Head

Rotary Head

Rotary Heads are used to remove unwanted stray hairs from your nose and ears. A rotary head is a small circular trimmer head that is ideal for trimming in small, hard to reach areas. In other words, it is a must have to trim any stray hairs safely, precisely and painlessly!

Rotary Head

Detailer Head

You can easily perform intricate detail work with this attachment. The Detailer Head is the best add-on for intricate beard detailing and shaping around the lips and chin. Additionally, it is also ideal for precise designs and personal trimming of the ears, nose and brow!

Detailer Head

Attachment Combs

To create any style that you want, you can simply attach guide combs onto the blade, and it will allow you to cut to different lengths.

The close trim attachments that range from grades 0.5-1.5 (1.5-4.5mm) will enable you to maintain short stubble. However, if it’s a long beard you are looking to tame than a longer grade 8 (25mm) will be best! Other options in-between include lengths that range from 3-12mm.


Generally, the standard attachment comb lengths are:
1            2            3            4            5            6            7            8
3mm     6mm     10mm   13mm   16mm   19mm   22mm   25mm
Close trim guide comb sizes are:
0.5         1           1.5
1.5mm   3mm   4.5mm
Multi groom comb set

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