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World Beard Day – Beard Trends of the Last 100 Years

World Beard day!

When it comes to men’s fashion trends, nothing makes more of a statement than your facial hair. Whether you follow the trends or opt for an easy life, your beard style makes up part of your identity. Just like the hair on our heads, facial hair has had its fair share of trends and fads over time, often influenced by pop culture and innovation of new shaving products. Learn about the different styles of the last century this world beard day. Use code: BEARDDAY19 for 20% off all beard + stubble trimmers*

1920s – 1950s

This era saw the introduction of the disposable razor, so beards were few and far between particularly in younger generations. Full beards were still donned by the older, more distinguished men of the time. The popularity of the clean-shaven look continued in to the 1950s, partly due to the influence of the World War. In 1958 Wahl introduced an Electric Shaver offering men the convenience of a close shave without the need to wet shave. GET THE LOOK  

1960s – 1970s

The 60s saw a desire to express individuality through appearance. In general, hair was left to grow long so the untamed beard made a comeback. Moustaches and goatees were also popular, which meant trimmers were needed to keep them in shape. In general, this stayed the same throughout the 1970s. During this time, Wahl created the first cordless trimmer which gave men freedom and versatility to style their facial hair any way they desired. GET THE LOOK  

1980s – 1990s

Beard culture started declining again, as corporate lifestyles became more prominent. Individuality was still expressed through facial hair, particularly those that followed the Grunge trend. The latter years saw a fad of dyed beards, which thankfully isn’t making a comeback anytime soon. Wahl started selling the Groomsman trimmer, the first battery operated trimmer. Ideal for the corporate business man of the 80s. Following this, in the 90s Wahl began using Lithium Ion technology in products, to keep up with the needs of busy lifestyles. GET THE LOOK  

2000s - Present

The turn of a new millennium saw a generation of men turn towards a more laid-back, scruffy beard and stubble look. The rich and famous of Hollywood and pop-stardom were the trendsetters of the time and the 5 o’clock shadow was the go-to. Whilst throughout the noughties it was all about following the styles sported by your icon, more recently we’ve returned to a more ‘anything goes’ attitude with the freedom to choose a style that suits you and your lifestyle. With more relaxed work dress codes and a cultural shift towards acceptance, you’re free to sport your full beard with pride – or keep it clean and sharp. Wahl continues to innovate products that meet the wants of today's men, whether you’re clean shaven or full-bearded, and anything in between. Whatever look you opt for; our range will cater for your needs. GET THE LOOK   Use code: BEARDDAY19 for 20% off all beard + stubble trimmers* If you’re not sure what you need to keep your facial hair in check, we have a Trimmer Buying Guide to help   *Code valid for 24 hours only, offer ends midnight 8th September.